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Leadership Givers

Leadership Giving

United Way’s Leadership Giving Society recognizes generous investors who have demonstrated their commitment to improving lives in our community by annually giving $1,000 or more.  Leadership gifts are an outstanding way to make an investment in our community.  They help United Way continue our work to crush poverty in Erie County. 

Platinum Circle
$5,000 to $9,999
David J. Bertges
Janel and Buddy Bonsell
Louis Colaizzo
Gene and Anne Connell and Family*
Dan and Christie Drabic**
Chris Fette
John P. and Heidi Fette
David and Nancy Glod
Amy Cuzzola-Kern and B. Scott Kern
Nancy and Bruce Kern Sr.
Bonnie and C. Bruce Kern II
Art and Mary Lindquist
Charlotte A. Manison
Robert and Christina Marsh
Bob and Joan Martter
Robert W. and Mercedes McNutt
Frank Mezler and Colleen Moore Mezler
Douglas and Deborah Murphy
Amy and Michael Nedreski
Jim and Sue Ohrn
Gregg and Jennifer Pfeffer
Jeffrey and Rhonda Plyler
Christine Riehl
Laurie B. Root
William & Frances Schuster Fund*
Mark and Prudence Shaw
Sarah Shine
Douglas E. and Jennifer Smith
The Sturtevant Family
Thomas and Carol Tupitza
Anonymous (2)

Gold Circle
$2,500 to $4,999
Gina and Brett Badowski**
John and Mary Gail Baldwin
Jacqueline and Michael Barber
Christina and Brian Bernatowicz
Jon P. and Christen Bloom
Peg and Tom Bly
John and Julia Bongiovanni
Susan Breon
Constance Brereton
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Buseck
Thomas J. Buseck Esq.
Mary Jo Campbell
Dr. Jestin and Jessica Carlson**
Susan DeLuca
Jim and Judy Dible
Michael R. and Kathy Fraley
Greg and Liz Gutting
Ronald Habursky
T. Andrew Hanes
Patrick D. Hesidence
Jeffrey Hileman
Jim Holtgrefe
Keith and Kelly Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koontz
Anita and Jeffery Kuchcinski**
Patricia Lacy
Jeremy Lamotte
James McBrier
Rob Mischler
Attorney David M. Mosier
James R. Osmanski
Michael and Michele Plazony
Allen Randolph Elizabeth Randolph
Al Richardson
Jay and Brittany Shaffer**
Michael Sheridan Family
Mary C. Gensheimer and Richard H. Speicher
John Stockard**
Sue Sutto
Brittany and Paul Taylor
Chad and Jeannine Thompson
Kathryn and David M. Tullio
Janice Underhill
Peter G. and Freda Volanakis Fund*
Jeffrey McKeon and Dr. Nancy E. Weissbach
Douglas M. Yarbenet
Anonymous (2)

Silver Circle
$1,500 to $2,499
Rebecca and Evan Adair
Christine McClure and Perry Baker
Barbara Beatty
Michael and Mary Bova
Charles H. & Barbara E. Bracken Fund*
Jeff and Amy Brinling
Seth and Chantelle Carter**
Sydney M. Cassidy
Rodney and Lisa Chiarelli
Drs. Chris and Caitlin Clark
The Joe and Susan Cunningham Family Fund*
Dusti and Greg Dennis
Daniel and Meghan Dillon**
Clinton and Sarah Ewing**
Ronald Forbes
Damon and Christen Frenn
Bob & Rebecca Frost
Robert M. and Marion Gallivan
Nancy and Vince Gardner
Joseph M. and Emily Gennuso
Atty. M. Fletcher and Elsie O. Gornall Fund*
David Hall
Michael J. Hayes
Dr. Walter Iwanenko
Mike Jaruszewicz**
William A. Kern**
B.J. and Barbara Lechner
Bill and Linda Lillis
Liz Lingenfelter
Sean Martin
Kelly and Tony Montefiori
Jan Brydon and Howard Nadworny
Thomas and Karen Newell
Sally and Nathan Opferbeck**
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Orlando
Kevin and Nicole Otteni**
Sapan and Heena Patel
Pamela Pesta
Steven and Chris Pitonyak
Barbara Pollock
Ann B. and Jack M. Quinn
David and Donna Rioux
Jacob A. Rouch and Jordan Johnson
Sheryl A. Rucker
Karen Rugare
David and Doreen Russo
Dr. and Mrs. M. Peter Scibetta
Ann and Thad Scott
Jennifer Shea
Lisa J. Slomski
Edwin W. Smith, Esq. and Jennifer M. Smith
Jedediah and Meredith Smith
Matt Staib**
Dr. Barry D. Stamm
James F. and Bridget Stevenson
Dr. Keith Taylor and Mary Jean Taylor
Mike and LeeAnn Thomas**
Judith E. Wingerter
Dr. Katy Wolfrom
Don and Gayle Wright
Richard and Diane Yeager
Christine Yuhas
Zurn Family Fund*
Anonymous (5)

Bronze Circle
$1,000 to $1,499
Andrew and Deborah Abramczyk
James Bann & Richele Bann
Emily Beck
Paul Becker
Robert Bennett
The Bloomstine Family
Patricia Bojarski
Dr. Charles A. Brown
David G. Bryan
Joelyn J. Bush**
Julie Chacona
Robert and Misty Chambers
Steven Church**
Dr. Dennis and Barbara Cole*
John M. and Joanne M. Cook
Sandra L. Covello
Robert J. Demchak Jr.
Paul and Janet Demjanenko
Neal and Daria Devlin
John Dill
Mark and Karen Dombrowski
Jim Donnelly
Scott and Diane Flook
Pamela J. Forsyth
Christopher and Jennifer Fox**
Dr. A. Daniel Frankforter and Karen Keene
Andrew H. Gausman**
Angel L. Ghastin
Kelly Gifford
Beverly Gocal
Edward and Rita Goebel
Jana and Mike Goodrich
Roy and Mary Lee Gourley
Scott S. Gourley
Christopher Granahan
Timothy and Lois Guzek
Dennis and Christine Hadlock
William M. Halli
Daniel and Terry Heher

Danielle M. Hermann
Brian V. Iavarone
Jim Janke
Charles and Lisa Jenkins
Katie J. and Matt Jones**
R. Steven and Danielle Jones
Marko Jovanovich
Allison Kaverman and David Palotas
Robin C. Keller
Mark and Sharon Kresse
Attorney and Mrs. Mark Kuhar
Kevin J. and Tracy Kunik
Jane M. Laskowski
Peggy Laughlin
Peter and Michele Lawson
Dorothy A. Leemhuis**
James R. Paulson III and Kiersten E. Lemieur**
Dr. Howard and Jane Levin
Timothy J. and Holli Lewis
Gregory and Debra Loop
Scott and Kandace Lyons
James and Kimberly Malone
Matthew T. Margosian
Kevin P. McCann
Michael A. and Susan McCormick
Jen McDade
Deb and Des McDonald
Attorney Jim and Barbara McNamara
James A. Meyer
Anita D. Mountain
Dr. Dawna T. Mughal
Shane S. Murray
John F. Oliver
Mark & Joellen Pavia
Mark J. Pietrusinski and Kathleen Felong Pietrusinski
Brian and Beth Polito
Jennifer Reed
Gregg Reese
Patrick M. Rennie
Tim and Patty Riley
The Shawn & Sharon Rooney Fund*
Katie and Mike Ruffa**
Dr. Laura E. Rutland
Jennifer L. Schade
Brett W. and Christine Schafer
Joe and Rhonda Schember
Scott C. and Jeanette Schnars
Nicholas M. Schneider**
Bridget H. Schoenig
John and Jennifer Simon**
Father Steven Pimen and Jayne Simon
Karen A. Skarupski
Kenneth and Kathi Slaney
Marybeth Smialek
Gary R. Smith
Chris and Mary Ellen Sorce
Gregory J. Sorce
Theresa Stachera
John and Tara Stonestreet**
David and Susan Sturtevant
Frank and Jennifer Sulz
Roger H. Taft
Ryan Tennant
Stephen R. Thelin
Mark and Sharon Theuret
Andy and Candy Tompkins
John Wilson
Christopher M. Zehner
David J. and Linda Zimmer
Gregory P. Zimmerman
Karen and Matt Zonno
Anonymous (13)

*Received through the Erie Community Foundation
**Also members of the Young Leaders Society