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Phone: (814) 456-2937

650 East Avenue, Suite 200
Erie, PA 16503

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Laurie Root
Ext. 223

Jessica Belousov
Community Impact Coordinator
Ext. 235

Joelyn J. Bush
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Ext. 224

Julie Chacona
Chief Development Officer
Ext. 256

Damali Donovan 
Senior Coordinator, Community Impact
Ext. 255

Jon Paul Ferretti
AmeriCorps VISTA
Ext. 230

Donnie Hatheway
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Ext. 258

Mike Jaruszewicz
Senior Vice President, Community Impact
Ext. 227

Josh Kehl
Community Impact Manager, Data & Evaluation
Ext. 229

Lori Krause
Senior Director of Community Impact
Ext. 225

Jeanette Long
Community Schools Support Manager
Ext. 231

Marybelle Martin
Director of Erie FREE Taxes
Ext. 226

Sara Naughton
Senior Manager, Data & Evaluation
Ext. 232

Alycia Olivar
Community Impact Manager, Data & Evaluation
Ext. 228

Sally Opferbeck
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Ext. 238

Joanna Peters
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 233

Gina M. Schaefer
Resource Development and Office Manager
Ext. 221

Ashley Wilczynski
Donor Database Associate
Ext. 243

Christine Yuhas
Ext. 234