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Annual Campaign

Thank you to the 500+ Erie County employers and their employees who so generously support our community through United Way workplace giving campaigns. Listed below are companies whose campaigns - often including a corporate matching gift - raised $10,000 or more.

  • Leadership Giving
  • Tocqueville Society
  • Young Leaders Society


Established in 1914, United Way of Erie County has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to improve lives and build a stronger community in Erie County. Since most United Way investors have supported United Way where they worked, we have not had an opportunity to thank them personally for their generosity, dedication, and enthusiasm.

Loyal Contributors are individuals who have given to any United Way for 10 years or more, regardless of their giving level. These 10 years do not need to have been consecutive. Our Loyal Contributor program is designed to help us show our appreciation for supporters who have given to any United Way for ten years or more. As a United Way Loyal Contributor, please accept our heartfelt thank-you for all you have done for so many people and for your community. Your consistent support has truly changed lives.

United Way of Erie County's Loyal Contributor program includes:

  • Recognition as a United Way Loyal Contributor, an honored group of United Way supporters
  • Invitations to exclusive Loyal Contributor events
  • Special recognition in newsletters, annual reports, and other public communication
  • Special opportunities to volunteer and advocate for key issues related to reducing poverty: helping children succeed, improving people's health and promoting financial stability
  • Subscription to our eNewsletter providing information about the impact of your gifts in creating lasting change in your community.
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Carl H. Aalberts
David and Jodie Abbott
Doug and Julie Abele
Edward R. Abelyan
Andrew and Deborah Abramczyk
James Ackman
Rebecca and Evan Adair
Gina Adams
Michael and Michele Adams
Sonya Adams
Natalie A. Adiutori
Martuni Agadzhanov
Amy Ahl
Jay W. and Ruth Alberstadt Jr.
Julia and Larry Aldridge
Scott B. Alexander
Shawn and Tracy Alexander
Michael F. Alfery
Heather L. Alfieri
Todd M. Alfieri
Joshua Alger
Bakhitiyor Aliyev
Dr. Roger M. Allanigue
Annette Seager Allegretto
David and Dee Allen
Edward and Carol Allgeier
Dorothy Allison
Jennifer L. Altman
Gregory and Laurie Altsman
Guadalupe Alvear-Madrid
Eric and Jessica Amann
James Ambrose Jr.
Robert J. Amendola
Susan Amendola
Suzanne Amendolara
Jay C. Amicangelo
Catherine and Brian Amick
David J. Anderson
Gary E. Anderson
Carla A. Andrejewski
Gina and Mike Angelo
Patrick Angerer
Lisa and Nicholas Angiolelli
Shelly Antolik
Kathleen A. Anysz
Sharon L. Applebee
Kathleen Aranyos
Laurie Ardery
Gretchen E. Armes
Christine L. Armstrong
Susan K. Armstrong
Carolyn and Craig Arneman
Luciana Aronne
Alexander A. Arutyunyan
Deanna M. Askins
Cle and Penny Austin
Sally L. Austin
Natalya Avatyuk
Malcolm H. Ayers

Shawn Babcock
Boris and Angela Babitski
Lisa Babo
Eric and Jennifer Bach
Roman V. Bachuk
Valerie J. Bacik
Kerry Badach
Wendy A. Baden
James and Mary Bahn
Timothy M. Baird
James Baker
Christine McClure and Perry Baker
Pavel Balabanov
John and Mary Gail Baldwin
Shirley A. Baldwin Cook
Stephanie A. Balko
Michael Ballay
Kim Balter
Robin L. Bambauer
Joseph and Lori Baniewicz
David Banks
James and Richele Bann
Andrea J. Baran
Cory Barber
Jacqueline and Michael Barber
Patricia Bargielski
Leland J. Barker
Michael and Vicki Barko
Robert Barko
Linda Barlett
Michele R. Barlow
Donna D. Barnard
Bryan Barnes
Kevin G. Barnhart
Karen A. Barringer
Bathryn Barry
Craig Barto
Patricia Bartone
Douglas Bateman
Tammy L. Bateman
Gerald and Mary Jo Battle
Lexie Bauer
Bryan and Gretchen Baumann
Bernadette Baxter
Barbara A. Bayhurst
Jennifer L. Bayle
Frank W. Beachly Jr.
Barbara Beatty
Bonnie Beatty
Jacob J. Beaver
Dr. Warren J. and Christine Beaver
Emily Beck
John S. Becker
Paul Becker
Robert W. and Cathy Becker
Arthur D. and Marcia Beckerink
Judge and Mrs. Steven C. Beckman
Leigh-Ann Bedal
Erin L. Bednaro
Matt A. Bednarowicz
Bart D. Beeman
Adam Beer
Brian C. Beers
Heidi Beezub
Tyler Behr
Jack and Heidi Belczyk
Daniel Belden
Melissa A. Belden
Sherry A. Beliveau
Jeffrey M. Bellis
Valeriy P. Belousov
Phil and Lynne Bemis
Tom and Christine Benchek
Ellen E. Benczkowski
Jeanne Bender
William F. Benes
Richard J. Bengel
Denise M. Benim
David and Shelly Benjamin
Lisa Mackowski
Robert Bennett
Richard K. Bentley
Joseph Berdis
William Berger
Janet Bergkessel
Arnold E. Bergquist
Attorney Bruce W. and Cathy Bernard
Anna Bernardini
Christina and Brian Bernatowicz
Diana L. Bernatowicz
Charlotte A. Berringer
Randi and Douglas Bert
David J. Bertges
Julie Bessetti
Joyce M. Bevan
Angelo Bevelacqua
Keyla J. Bevier
Gregory A. Bible
Lisa L. Biernik
Theresa Bihler
Amy Bills
Del Birch
Cheryl L. Biroscak
Aaron Bissell
Edward Bizzarro
Samuel P. "Pat" Black III
Amy L. Blackman
Lisa Blacksten
Chris Blakeslee
Terry M. Blakney
Mary Ann Blatt
Thomas and Susan Blecki
John E. Bleil
Kurt Bleil
Nancy E. Blimmel
Diana L. Bliss
Robert and Diane Bloom
Bruce and Jennifer Bloomster
John and Colleen Bloomstine
William Bloomstine
John Bochicchio
Amy S. Bogart
Robert A. Bohen
Amy B. Bojarski
Patricia Bojarski
Melody A. Bokshan
JoyAnne M. Bolinger
Robert and Elizabeth Bolmanski
Ann M. Bomberger
Jennifer Bond
John and Julia Bongiovanni
Janel and Buddy Bonsell
Albert R. Boorady
Laurina Borgia
Virginia Borkowski
Robert Bortz
Brian L. Boscaljon
Timothy J. Botwright
Lewis and Kathleen Boucher
Michael and Mary Bova
Nikolay Bovkun
Amanda Bowen
Jeffrey Bowen
Richard Bowen
Belinda Bowers
Sandra and David Bowers
James Bowers
Susan M. Bowser
Edward D. Boyd Jr.
Dr. Richard C. Boyle
Carl A. Bozenhard
Honorable and Mrs. John A. Bozza
Mark J. Bracalento
David W. Bradford
Jane D. Brady
Martha C. Brady
Jon Braeger
Tracy M. Braendel
Brad Braggins
Lacy E. Brant
Thomas and Ronna Brasco Sr.
Lisa M. Brasington
Samantha Bratton
Carol Bray
Thomas and Colleen Brennan
Laura E. Breon
Brereton Family Fund
Kimberly Brereton
Matt and Sue Bresee
Keith and Mary Breter
Kendra M. Breter
Raymond H. Breter
Jean M. Brewer
Jodie Brewer
Yvonne M. Briggs
Emily A. Briglia
Scott J. Brimacomb
Robert D. Brinker
Jeff and Amy Brinling
Carrie Alicia Britton
Richard Britton
Linda A. Brodziak
Danielle L. Brooks
Lori Brooks-McGraw
Dr. Charles A. Brown
Christine A. Brown
Corinne Brown
Irene Brown
Julieann Brown
Karen D. Brown
Kristen Brown
Paula S. Brown
Randy C. Brown
D. Shane Brown
Susan M. Brown
Lynnette Brumagin
Pamela K. Brunner
Tom and Patricia Brunner
Alicia K. Bryant
Jenaya M. Bucci
Kelly and Scott Buck
Hugh Buckel
Kimberly J. Buckel
Robert P. Buckel
Valentina and Hugh Buckel
Tobias and Amy Buerk
Lori Buie
Janis L. Bujnoski
Stacy Bukowski
Jacquelyn and Jeremiah J. Bull
Laura J. Bunting
Ann M. Burbules
Travis Burch
Janet Burchfield
Pat and Lori Buren
John R. Burgert
Amanda B. Burgess
Daniel Burick
Kathleen and Thomas Burik
Patrick Burke
Tom and Michelle Burke
Betsy Burris
Peter Burton
Karen Burton Horstman
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Buseck
Thomas J. Buseck Esq.
Joelyn J. Bush
Lawrence Bush
Morton Buss
Christine M. Buszek
Gilbert Buszek
William J. Butterfield
James E. Buzzard
Lori and Donald Buzzard


Steven M. Cabaday
Robert Cacchione
Dennis Cagnoli
Laura J. Caldwell
Marnie and Jeff Caldwell
Michael J. Caldwell
Michael Caldwell
Scott Calhoun
Daniel L. Camino
Mike and Anne Campbell
Christopher A. Campbell
Kim M. Campbell
Kristine M. Campbell
Mary Jo Campbell
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell
Andrew J. Canella
Edwina M. Capozziello
Cindy L. Carbone
David and Kerry Carey
David S. Carey
Norma J. Carey
Cindy A. Carideo
Mike and Ann Carlin
Donna L. Carlino
Karen Carll
Susan J. Carlson
Stephen R. and Debbie Carman
Jaime M. Carmosino
Jenny Carner
Karen and Joseph Carneval
Vincent Carpin
John and Kathy Carrig
Roy K. Carter
Pamela D. Carullo
Deborah Caruso
Cathy A. Carver
Terry L. and Janet Cascioli
Heather and Dan Cass
Pamela A. Cass
Noelle M. Cassano
Sabrina A. Catalina
Erin Cauley
Gayleen Causgrove
Michele Cavalier-Stebell
Kimberly Cavanaugh
Tracey A. Cettin
Alicia G. Chapman
Kevin Charleton
Dane Charlton
Victor Chernauskas
Jennifer Cherry
Kimberly Chesley
Jim and Lauri Cheesario
Rodney and Lisa Chiarelli
Aubrey Lenore Chilcott
Genevieve and Edward Chizewick
Mark S. Christ
Mary Chulick
Jacqueline M. Churley
Kyle Chylinski
Pam Cioccio
Stanley and Pam Cioccio
John R. Cipriani
Marc and Nancy Cipriani
Stephen Ciukaj
Beverly M. Clark
Drs. Christopher and Caitlin Clark
Christopher J. Clark
Deborah Clark
Luba A. Clark
Mary M. Claudio
Valerie Clemens
Michael D. and Marlene Clement
William Clute
David Clutter
Tammy L. Coburn
Lyman Cohen
Louis Colaizzo
David R. Cole
Brenda S. Coleman
Kimberly L. Coleman
Lauren E. Coletta
Dennis R. Collins
Sheryl D. Collins
James Colvin
Cynthia Combs
Joseph Comstock Jr.
Michelle Conley
Yvonne Conley
Patrick J. Connaroe
Gene and Anne Connell and Family
Andrew J. Conner
William and Sue Conner
Michael B. Connolly
Debbie and Eric Consiglio
Gail J. Cook
John M. and Joanne M. Cook
Lisa A. Cook
Lyell Cook
Sharon and Nicholas Cooling
Diann and Brad Cooper
Gary Cooper
Mary Ann Corbin
Jenifer D. Cordray
Paul Cornell
Darren and Kathleen Corsi
Christopher M. Cortes
Dawnette Darlene Costa
Kimberly Cotton
Tracy and Merle Coulter
Jennifer Counasse
Debra Courter
Robin R. Cousins
William L. Cousins
Sandra L. Covello
Catherine A. Coverdale
Linda Cowser
Marcy A. Crain
Chandrika R. Crockett
Robert M. Crockett
Teon A. Crockett
Mike Cronin
Ann Marie Cronk
Scott and Amy Cronk
Cynthia R. Crosby
Janet and Jeffrey Cross
Jenna Crotty
Daniel and Brianna Cullen
Honorable William R. Cunningham
Debbie and Doug Currie
Jim and Rossana Currie
Stafford Curry
Lawrence Curtis
Megin Cuzzola
Tim Czerwinski

Ed Lesser and Mary Ellen Dahlkemper
James Dalessandro
Kelly A. Dalton
Dustin Damcott
Nancy S. Daniel
Mary Beth and Thomas Danowski
John and Kathy Darr
Bonnie Daughenbaugh
Colleen A. Daum
Dr. Mario D'Aurora
Luke Davidoff
Beverly A. Davis
Martin R. Davis
Dale E. Davison
Kimberle Dawson
Vivian Dawson
Angela De Almeida Ratis-Burford
Jason Dean
Attorney and Mrs. Bruce L. Decker Jr.
Susan J. Decker
Todd Deckert
Jennifer and Murray DeForce
John Deimling
Georgia and John Del Freo
Jean M. Delinski
John and Amy Delinski
Maria A. and William L. DeLuca Jr.
Dale R. DeMarco
Julie DeMarco
Corrine Dembski
Paula J. Demeter
Linda L. Deming
Paul and Janet Demjanenko
Patrick C. Demmery
Justin K. Denham
Janet Dennen
Jennifer E. DeSantis
Ashutosh V. Deshmukh
Jeremy Detwiler
Joel and Jamie Deuterman
Kathleen Deutsch
Robin A. Dever-Liberatore
Neal and Daria Devlin
Patrick J. Devlin
James Dewalt
William G. and Sally DeWitt
Frank DeWolf
Jim and Judy Dible
Christine Dick
Ariel Diehl
Bill and Lynn Dietz
Tina M. DiGello
Virginia Digello
Nicole M. Diley
Patrick A. Diuzio
Tom and Patricia DiLuzio
Brenda DiMattio
John Dimattio
Bradley Dinger
Kevin Dinges
Davud DiNicola
David A. DiPlacido
Deborah DiPlacido
Petar Djukic
Angela D. Diver
Carrie Dobson
Cindy L. Dohanic
Julianne Dolecki
Jennifer Dombkowski
Mark and Karen Dombrowski
John J. Donahue
Roland Donajkowski
Kenneth Donaldson
James Donnelly
Lisa Donoghue
Lisa M. Donohue
William Donor
Timothy S. Donovan
Jennifer L. Dorosch
Lisa M. Doty
Donna E. Douglass and David Bennett
Christina M. Doupe
Tammy A. Downes
Richard C. Doyle II
Daniel and Christine Drabic
Jennifer Drayer
April L. Dropsho
Anne K. Drozdowski
Genna and Jordan Druzak
Robert R. Drzewiecki Jr.
Vernon Duck
Brian T. Duda
George Dudas
Joseph and Rebecca Dudenhoeffer
Carrie Duffin
Heidi Dukich
Joan M. Dunar
Byron M. Dunbar
Douglas S. Dunham
Sarah E. Dunkle
David Dunn
Shari Dunn
Mo and Bob Dwyer
Leonid N. Dyachkin
Jennifer Dylewski
Michelle Dzezinski

Peter and Heather Eaglen
Tracy M. Earley
Cheryl Easly
Ann E. Ebert
Sandra Ebert
Craig and Doris Ebinger
Michael B. Edwards
Rod and Brenda Eggleston
Carrie A. Egnosak
Elliott J. Ehrenreich, Esq.
Neal Eicher
Harry and Susan Eighmy
Michael Eisert
Robert G. Ek
Gary E. Eller
James P. Eller
Joshua P. Elliott
Bonnie J. Endres
Dr. Gregory S. Engel
Jean L. English
Lauri Enterline
Nancy A. Enterline
Russell Erb
Stephen Erdos
Linda A. Erven
Sara J. Erven
Sonia Esfahbodirad
Patrick Espin
William Essigmann
Sandra Estes
Amy L. Estrada
Harry and JoAnne Evanoff
Edward R. Evans Jr.
Joseph Evans
Grace Ewanick
Clinton and Sarah Ewing
Kathleen A. Ewing

Gretchen S. Fairley
Ashley Fairman
Curtis Fairman
Jason M. Falk
Jeani Fallon
Alexander Fannon
Kathleen Farnham
Amanda Farrell
Raimee Farrell
Susan L. Fassette
Linda J. Fatica
Anita Faulhaber
Nancy Faulkner
Anne L. Fay
Craig and Lisa Fay
Richard A. Federici
Patrick L. Feikles
Lorianne Feltz
Michele Fendya
Steve and Michele Fenner
Damita L. Fenstermaker
Fred F. Fenstermaker
William T. Fenton
Juan Fernandez-Jimenez
Terrence A. Ferrante
Christine M. Ferrare
Dr. Robert J. and Carol Ferraro
Sean and Lynnette Ferry
Sean and Lynette Ferry
Dr. Thomas and Jill Fessler
Chris and Mary Fette Sr.
Chris Fette
John P. and Heidi Fette
James J. Fetzner
Mike and Sandy Fetzner
Heather M. Field
James Field
Jack Figurski
Michael Filbeck
Matthew A. Filippi
Lisa Filipski
Candice Fink
Bill and Renee Finnecy
Steven Firestone
Barbara and Gregory T. Fischer
Marilyn Fischer
Gale Fish
Amy Fisher
Cathleen A. Fisher
Floyd R. Fisher
Katherine E. Fisher
Stacie Fisher
Terri L. Fitzpatrick
Bonnie Fitzpatrick-Kaliszewski
Rebecca Fleming
Scott L. Flook
Alan Fogle
Paul A. Foltz
The Fonticella Family
Ronald D. Forbes
Karen A. Forcht
Denise Ford
Ralph and Melanie Ford
Pamela J. Forsyth
Mindy R. Forte
Michael R. and Kathy Fraley
Alan and Lisa Frampton
Rob and Rebecca Frank
Dr. A. Daniel Frankforter and Karen Keene
Angela J. Frantz
Vicki L. Freiwald
Robert Frenzel
Don and Cindy Friedman
Philip Friedman
Colleen and Thomas Froess
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Frost
William Fryling
Sandra K. Fucci
Thomas and Charlene Fucci
Mark A. Fuchs
Scott and Linda Fulkrod
Krista Fuller
Debbie Fullerton
Jeanne F. Fullerton
James and Alison Funk
Guy and Heidi Fustine


Elizabeth A. Gaber
William F. Gaber
Douglas S. Gaeckle
Roseanne Galeza
Michelle R. Galla
Robert M. and Marion Gallivan
Kenneth J. Gamble Esq.
Robert E. and Julie Gandley
Roseanne L. Gapinski
Amy J. Gardner
Nancy and Vince Gardner
Chad A. Garner
Kristy Garvin
Larry Gates
Halle Gatti
Agnes F. Gausman
Sandra Gealy
Randall Geering
Anna M. Gehringer
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gehrlein
Angela E. Genest
Joseph M. and Emily Gennuso
Daryl and Michele Georger
Judith A. Gerhard
David J. German
Aimee L. Gevirtz
Charisma A. Ghamo
William and Kelly Gheres
Kelly Gierczynski
Joseph J. Giglio
Sandra E. Gill
Timothy Gillis
Joanna Gindlesperger
Mark Ginn
Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Glaser
Richard and Carol Gleichsner
David and Nancy Glod
Hope Glover
Paul Gnacinski
Edward and Rita Goebel
Cynde A. Goldberg
Duane and Laurie Golden
Laurie Golden
Daniel and Jessica Gomolchak
William Gonda
Martina R. Gonzales
Jose Gonzalez
Wanda A. Gonzalez
Jana and Mike Goodrich
Judith Anne Goodwin
Timothy Gordon
Jamie and Marlea Gore
Jack and Libby Gorman
Jack M. and Sharon Gornall
Jennifer E. Gornall
Sally Gornall-Dean
Jared J. Gorniak
Rosamaria F. Gorring
Anne M. Goshay
Shari Gould
Roy and Mary Lee Gourley
Scott S. Gourley
Gerald and Tina Gowen
Christine Grabowski
Scott Graef
Elise Graham
Larry Graham
Vincent C. Graham
Tony and Darlene Grandinetti
Susan R. Grant
Maureen L. Gratto
Samantha A. Graves
Kathleen Gray
Julia Greaves
Elaine A. Gregoroff
Bridget Y. Gregory
Debbie A. Gregory
John L. Gregory
Linda S. Greiner
Donna M. Grenberg
James D. Griffith
Kathleen M. Griffith
Susan Griffith
Marina A. Grigoryan
Jack and Melissa Grimm
Michael C. Grimm
Richard T. Grimm
Joe Gromacki
Melissa and Joseph Grucza
Ed and Janet Grunzel
Beth A. Hess
Joyce E. Grzywinski
Stephen A. Guild
Kimberly Gulish
Dan Gunn
Greg and Liz Gutting
Richard L. Guy
Lois Guzek
Timothy and Lois Guzek
Suzanne M. Gwinn

Karen D. and Jim Haas
Ronald Habursky
Stephen J. Habursky
Dennis and Christine Hadlock
Michele M. Haener
Ryan M. Haffey
Thomas B. Hagen
Boo and Aimee Hagerty
Christine Hall
Steven Hall
Sean and Corissa Halupczynski
Vincent F. and Ann Halupczynski
Randy Hamilton
Shane A. Hamilton
Thomas and Elizabeth Hamilton
Brenda Jo Hammerman
Brian Hanas
Christopher and Corina Hanes
T. Andrew Hanes
Thomas A. Hanes and Mili Chiang-Hanes
Jerry and Kate Hansen
Kathleen T. Hansen
Walter and Joan Harf
Karen M. Harkness
Kevin L. Harper
Charles and Barbara Harris
Mike Harris
Linda Hart
Susan E. Hart
Todd A. Hart
Melissa A. Hartleb
Thomas Hassett
Alaina Hathaway
Bailey Hawley
Joyce and Francis Hayden
Darin L. Hayes
Douglas and Kathy Hayes
Meghan L. Hayes
Paula and Michael Hayes
Dan Hazlett
Melody E. Heath
Karen L. Hecht
Bernard F. Hecker
Renae L. Hecker
Richard Hedderick
Lawrence Heffren
Gary Heglund
Daniel and Terry Heher
Robert T. Hein
Leo Heintz
Diane E. Heise
Brian P. Heitzenrater
Doug Heitzenrater
Amy Helmer
Gregory Helminski
Thomas L. Hemminger
Barry Henderson
Frank and Diane Henry
Susan F. Henry
Asha Herba
David J. Herbe
James R. Herdzik
Danielle M. Hermann
Sharon R. Hermann
Rosalee Hernandez
Andres Herrera
Trudy L. Hershelman
Julia M. Herzing
Kristin L. Hesch
Patrick D. Hesidence
Amanda K. Heslink
Christine K. Hess
Gregg A. Hess
D. Garth and Margaret Hetz
Jamie Heynes
Carla and Mike Higgins
Debbie Hileman
Jeffrey Hileman
Breanne Hillen
Ronald L. and Sandy Hilling
Tim Hilton
Pamela Hime
Jo J. Hines
Cheryl C. Hinkson
Michelle T. Hinman
Theresa Hinspeter
Cheryl Hirst
Kim L. Hirst
Lori A. Hirtzel
Vic and Maggi Hitchcock
Jo Ann M. Hlifka
Daniel and Wendy Hodapp
Allison and Matthew Hodas
Jason B. Hodge
Senada Hodzic
William Hoehn
Tamera and Richard Hoffman
Thomas R. Hoffman
James and Catherine Hogg
Joseph H. Hohman
June V. Holden
Debora A. Holder
Lawrence P. Holland
Cheryl Holly
Tom and Linda Holman
Lisa M. Holman
Christopher A. Holmberg
Michele Holmes
Rich Holmgren
Joseph M. Holody
Pamela Holzer
Lorraine M. Homan
David Honard
John Honecker
James Hovis
Patrick and Tricia Howard
Susan E. Howe
Judy A. Hoydic
Arnulfo A. Huacho
Raul Huambachano
Bryan Hubler
Kelsey Huff
Julie A. Hulick
Michael and Rebecca Hull
Ruth H. Humes
Christine J. Hunkele
Dorothy A. Hunter
Roberta L. Hunter
Juanita Hurlburt
Susan Hurst
Beverly Huttel
Stephen H. Hutzelman
Leonard L. and Maureen Huya
Teresa A. Huzinec
Matthew S. Hyde

Cindy Iacovetta
Debbie Iavarone
G. Robert Imboden
MaryJo M. Ingalls
Jane Ingold
Brian Irwin
Jody Irwin
Jason and Nancy Irwin
Roni Irwin
Jennie S. Ives
Justin and Amy Izbicki

Alice Jackson
David and Kathryn Jackson
Jim and Erica Jackson
Lori Jackson
William and Patricia Jackson
Carl D. Jaglowski
Ron Janukites
Michael J. Jares
Mike Jaruszewicz
Gary A. Jaskiewicz
Julie Jaworski
Christine Y. Jefferson
Tina M. Jekel
C. Robert and Mildred Jenkins
Charles and Lisa Jenkins
Fatima E. Jenkins
Caroline Jenks
Leslie A. Jennings
Lauri Jewell
Bobby Johnson
Brent Johnson
Jamie Lee Johnson
Jon Johnson
Joy Johnson
Mark A. Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Shawn M. Johnson
Shekkia L. Johnson
William H.A. Johnson
Katrina Johnston-Smith
James L. Jones Jr.
Katie J. and Matt Jones
Melissa A. Jones
R. Steven and Danielle Jones
Sharon H. Jones
T. Warren and Judy Jones
Yancy D. Jones
Mark and Sandy Jordano
George and Tina Joseph
Marko Jovanovich
Dr. Charles R. Joy
Rande L. Joy
Kelly A. Juchno
Kenneth A. Justka

David and Linne Kacprowicz
Sherry Kaczenski
Denise M. Kaczmarek
Kimberly Kaercher
Robert S. Kaiser
Terry Kalgren
Michele A. Kaliszewski
Stephanie K. Kaliszewski
Karen Curtis Kalivoda
Patricia L. Kamper
Victor Kanarskiy
Jessica R. Kanash
Sergy and Lyubov Kapelkin
Darlene J. Karash
Sandra A. Karnes
Stephen E. Karsh
John A. Kavelish
Allison A. Kaverman
Martin and Ann Kaverman
Stephanie Kazmierczak
Lisa M. Keating
Bryon C. Kehl
Barbara V. Keim
Debbie Keim
Lance E. Keller
Lisa D. Keller
Robin C. Keller
Teresa Kelly
Cynthia A. Kerchoff
Amy Cuzzola-Kern and B. Scott Kern
Nancy and Bruce Kern Sr.
Bonnie and C. Bruce Kern II
Kern Family Foundation
Thomas M. Kern
Nancy Kernin
Kimberly A. Kerns
Richard A. Kerr
Duane and Martha Kerstetter
Tiffany Kerstetter
Margaret Kertis
Cheryl R. Kertulis
Mark and Susan Kiddo
Nicholas and Amy Kiefer
Sherri Kiefer
Annette M. Kiehl
Richard D. Kightlinger
Michelle Kimmy
Cynthia K. Kindle
John J. Kindle
Jochen E. Kindling
Cherie Kinem
Carla King
Clark King
Linda M. King
Ryan D. and Katie King
Melinda Kinnear
Stephen G. Kinter
Charlene Klan
George Klapsinos
Juliann Kline
Stefanie B. Kline
Jeffrey Klingensmith
Joseph E. Kloecker
Joseph and Amy Kloecker
Frank V. Kneidinger III
Kirk Kneidinger
Michael Kneidinger
Tamara Kniess
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Knight
Tania and Joel Knight
Arlene Knoll
Kimberly E. Knouse
Wallace J. and Gloria Knox II
David and Sandra Kocur
Jennifer P. Koebe
Edward B. Koffler
Karen S. Koller
Melissa Koma
Kara A. Kimisarski
Randy Kondrlik
Ursula M. Konior
Rebecca S. Konkel
Andrea Konkol
Bryon J. Konkol
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koontz
James Koper
Betsy Korb
Mary Korn
Jerold T. Koscinski
Marife Kosmatine
Marlene Kosobucki
Kathleen and Vic Kostef
Stephanie Kotoski
Darlene Kovacs
Joseph M. Kozar
Kristine N. Koziol
Jacqueline A. Kramer
Carol Kraschneske
Anthony Krasinski
David A. Krasinski
Constance Kraus
Greg Phillips and Karen Kraus Phillips
James A. Krayeski Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kresse
Monsignor Henry A. Kriegel
Frank and Janet Kroto
Dr. William J. Krowinski
Janet Krugger
John G. Ksenich
Douglas A. Kubiak
Edward J. Kubinski Jr.
Howard and Joanne Kubinski
Cynthia Kucenski
Attorney and Mrs. Mark Kuhar
James F. Kuhn
Sevala Kulo
Kevin J. and Tracy Kunik
Valarie Kusiak
Christopher G. Kwiatek
Sandra A. Kwiatkowski

Janet L. Laboda
Patricia Lacy
Lawrence J. LaFata
Kellie M. Laird
Diane Lakari
Michael Lamary
Mark S. Lamm
Chris and Vickie Lampe
Tammie M. Lander
Kevin Langer
Kimberly M. Langford
Patty A. Lanich
Stella LaPaglia
Jayme Larkin
James R. Larsen
Joseph J. Lassman
Dave and Kathy Lastowski
Michael J. Latzer
Keith J. Latzo
Diane Lauer
John and Pam Lauer
Mary Laufenberg
Denise Laughlin
Eric Laughner
Cheralynn Laver
Doug and Mary Ann Lavery
Sherri L. Lawrence
Jamie L. Lazar
Sharlene A. Learn
Patrick and Linda Leary
Teresa H. Leasure
B.J. and Barbara Lechner
Frances Lee
George Lee
Carrie J. Leeds
Ronald and Carrie Leeds
Dr. Kristine S. Legters
Christian J. Lehman Jr.
Nicole and Daniel Lehr
Kenneth Lemmon
Michael Lenz
Janis M. Leretsis
Stanley Lesnieski
John and Melissa Lesniewski
Steven A. and Sherry Letzelter
Angela Leuschen
Michael Levandowski
Dr. Howard and Jane Levin
Brian P. Lewis
Linda L. Lewis
Timothy J. and Holli Lewis
Theresa M. Liberatore
Kurt and Sheila Lichtenfeld
Dr. Sara Lichenwalter
Thomas Liddell
Kathi A. Lieb
Darlene K. Liebel
Bill and Linda Lillis
Dr. Scott and Jessica Lim
Mary Lincoln
Stephen Lind
Robert C. Lindenberger
Christopher J. Lindenmuth
Art and Mary Lindquist
Jacquelyn Lindsey
Peter Lindsley
Barbara Lindstrom
Suzanna L. Lipsey
Karen M. Lloyd
Ron Loader
Jack and Allison Loeffler
Kristine Loeffler
Douglas and Joan Loesel
Vera Logvina-Sizov
David Loker
Emmett J. Lombard
Michele Lombard
Joseph F. Londo
Gerry J. Long
James Long
Rhonda K. Longo
John T. Loomis
Denise R. Lorei
Kenneth Louie
Renie and Brady Louis
Seamus K. Louis
Christopher Lowe
Michael P. Lowery
Elise A. Loya
Michael Lozowski
Alois and Josephine Lubiejewski
Bernard M. Lucas
Christine L. Lucas
Elizabeth A. Ludwig
Mark and Diane Lugin
Sarah J. Lunger
Michele M. Luthringer
Michele Luthringer
Mark L. Lutz
Jennifer M. Lydic
Scott and Kandace Lyons

Larry Mabins
Andrea J. MacArthur
Scott Machinski
Tara Maciulewicz
Debra Mack
Barbara and John Macks
Nichole C. Madia
Mary Ellen Madigan
Cindy J. Madura
David J. Magee
Tina M. Maher
Christine M. Mahon
Ricardo A. Maldonado
Megan Malena
Karen Andrus Malick
Deborah E. Malinowski
John L. Maloney, Jr.
Richard J. Maloney
Cindy C. Mancini
Albert S. Mancuso
Terri Mando
Lisa M. Manendo
Valerie Mangiaracina
Wendy Mangol
Tammy L. Mangold
Leah and Ashley Manino
Patricia A. Mann
Sherrie A. Maras
MaryAnn Marchant
Dave A. Marczak
Matthew T. Margosian
Thomas and Katherine M. Marinock
Jennifer Markiewicz
Michael A. Markiewicz
Michelle L. Markijohn
Vincent Marks
Robert and Christina Marsh
Yumi Marshall
Carol M. Marthaler
Eric and Carol Marthaler
Erica Martin
Evelyn D. Martin
James E. and Sharon A. Martin
Jennifer M. Martin
Julie L. Martin
Laura E. Martin
Michael P. Martin
Richard and Mary Martin
Fabian M. Martinez
Matthew Martinson
Jamie E. Martin-Stewart
Scott Marton
Bob and Joan Martter
Linda M. Martz
Monica Masterson
Walter F. Matczak
Starleen Matteo
Susan and Gerald Matteson
Anthony Mauriello
Rebecca A. Maxson
Dr. Dean Maynard
Louis A. Mazza
Edward E. Mazzeo II
Alba L. McAdoo
Jeffrey A. McAninch
The McBrier Family
Michelle McCallion
Brenda J. McCaslin
Kelly C. McConnell-Miazga
J. Philip McCormick
Michael A. McCormick
Shelly and Rodney McCray
Matt and Daren McCullough
Deborah L. McCurdy
Keith J. McCurdy
Jennifer McDade
Deb and Des McDonald
Mary Beth McDonald
Brittany N. McDougall
John F. McFadden
Anne J. McGarvey
Melissa and Dan McGill
Brenda McGowan
Brenda M. McGrorey
Sandra E. McIntire
Donna McIntosh
Sheryl McIntosh
Lynne M. McIntyre
Kimberly McKellar
Kevin T. McKenna
Gregory McLaughlin
Tammy E. McLaurin
Timothy P. and Andrea McMullin
Christopher and Corrie McNally
Attorney Jim and Barbara McNamara
Dale McNeely
Robert W. and Mercedes McNutt
Chris and Shelley McQuown
Lorrie McVeigh
Kimberly S. McWilliams
Adele and Michael Mead
David Mechling
Jonathan A. Meckley
David S. Medvec
Ronald Meeder
Michael Meeker
William and Karen Meeker
Jack and Meghan Mehler
Judith Mehler
Marat M. Melkumov
Shelby N. Menc
Beth A. Merryman
Cathy Sargent Mester and Richard Mester
Victoria and Mark Meucci
Frank Mezler and Colleen Moore-Mezler
Raymond and Kimberly Michael
Gabriel and Amy Miehl
Andrea M. Mientkiewicz
Michael R. Migdal
Michelle S. Mihalak
Aleksandr A. Mikhaylets
Michael Mikotowicz
James J. Mikowski
Stephan J. Milewski
Kathleen M. Milhisler
Adam C. Miller
Bryan J. Miller
Daniel M. and Michelle Miller
Debra J. Miller
Donna Miller and Matt Turcott
Eric S. Miller
Jason Miller
Jay and Debbie Miller
Jennie L. Miller
Dr. Joyce Miller
Kenneth P. Miller
Kevin and Amber Miller
Mary A. Miller
Melissa R. Miller
Pamela M. Miller
Patricia L. Miller
Robin M. Miller
Scott Miller
Thomas L. Miller
Thomas R. Miller II
Dr. Ido Millet
Timothy J. Milloy
Scott Mills
Dominick Milone
Adrecia D. Milsap
Thomas J. and Susan Minarcik
Stephen and Maggi Minick
Stephen B. Mink
Matthew J. Minnaugh
Dana S. Mintsiveris
Anna G. Minutolo
Janet E. Minzenberger
Cheryl L. Mitchell
Marion E. Mitchell
John Mizanin
Karen A. Mizban
James E. Mizikowski
Michael R. Mobilia
Maria and Michael Modzelewski
Henry S. Moffatt
Lynn Mogel
Sheikh Mohamed
Amy C. Mohr
David J. Molnar
Christine Monaghan
Christopher P. Mong
Jonathan Monoski
Kelly and Tony Montefiori
John Moodie III
Christopher Mooney
Terrence A. Moore
Michael J. Moorehead
Frank Mezler and Colleen Moore-Mezler
Carlos A. Mora
Miguel Morales
Richard Morales
Douglas Moreira
Sharon L. Morettini
Joshua R. Morey
Susan J. Morey
Donna Morphy
Christa Morris
Melissa L. Morris
April Morrison
Caroline A. Morrow
Jean M. Moses
Attorney David M. Mosier
Dave Motherwell
Anita D. Mountain
David and Remle Moyak
Tom and Gayle Moyak
Alex D. Moyer
Christine D. Moyer
Katherine Moyer
Lisa Moyer
Theresa Moyer
Lori and Gregg Mraz
Steven A. Mraz
Maryann M'Sadoques
Michael D. Muckinhaupt
Keith N. Mueller
Dr. Dawna T. Mughal
William T. Mullen
Donna J. Munch
Jessica Munch
Dawn M. Murawski
David J. Murphy
Douglas and Deborah Murphy
Mark and Leah Murphy
Patrick and Robin Murphy
Nancy L. Murzynski
Patrick R. Murzynski
Holly Myers
James L. Myers
Melinda Myers

Jan Brydon and Howard Nadworny
Deborah J. Nageli
Ann C. Nagosky
Lori Nagy
Susan Napierkowski
Gary H. and Carol A. Nash
Melanie J. Nash
Denise Nather
Lisa A. and Timothy G. NeCastro
Margaret Necci
Erin E. Negron
Lori S. Nellis
Cindy Nelson
Kevin F. Nelson
Sandra Nelson
Joseph Nemet III
Jennifer Nesselhauf
Jamie Neumaier
Tom and Frances New
Donald and Michelle Newell
Thomas and Karen Newell
Brian Newlin
Jim Newlin
Sallie L. Newsham
Valerie Mangiaracina and Gregory Nicholson
Rebecca Nick-Dart
Stacey and Erick Nicklas
Mary K. Nicks
Brandi A. Niedzielski
Beth A. Nielsen
Melvin Nieswonger
Michael Nikolishen
Fred Nitterright
Kathy and Mark Noce
David A. Nogacek
Keith A. Nordberg
Stacie R. Northrup
Jorie L. Novacek
Edward R. Novakowski
Thomas Noyes
Tom and Amy Nuzback

Thomas E. O'Camb
Robert Ochs
Jeff L. Ochterski
Timothy O'Connell
Judene O'Connor
Robert and Heidi Odom
Jean M. O'Harah
Jim and Sue Ohrn
John F. Oliver
Ron and Teresa Oliver
Michael Olmstead
Terence A. Olsen
Linda Olson
Paul Olson
Timothy A. Olson
Janet Olson-Chatman
Paul A. Olszewski
Patricia M. Omniewski
Lori J. O'Neal
Oladipo Onipede
Kara Oosterkamp
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Orlando
Paul Orlowski
Karen Osborn
Joyce Osborne
Karl and Lisa Osinski
James R. Osmanski
Rebecca O'Sullivan
Kevin and Nicole Otteni
John E. Otto Jr.
Phillip R. Owens
Susan E. Owens

John and Paula Paden
Paula K. Paden
Richard Pagano
Melissa J. Painter
Thomas and Aimee Pakela
Edward and Christine Palattella
Vincent Palermo
Craig and Brandy Palmer
Diane M. Palmer
Jason and BillieAnn Pamula
Joyce M. Pamula
Mark and Darcy Paradise
Diane and John Parente
Ryan and Adrianne Paris
Erin M. Parker
Joseph J. Parker
Joseph A. Parlak
Jennifer M. Pasierb
John and Mary Beth Passarelli
Carolyn Patama
Bob and Heidi Patterson
Holly E. Patterson
Roberta H. Paul
Joseph A. Pavlacka
Katherine D. Pawlak
Carrie Payne
Torrey Payne
Greg Pearl
Diane and Richard Pearson
Max C. Peaster
Anthony Pecorella
Patricia Peebles
Jeffrey Peelman
Richard and Erin Pelinsky
Lucjan Pelka and Kara Komisarski
Alicia M. Pelkowski
Stephen and Alicia Pelkowski
Letizia Pellizzari
Sean M. Pencille
Crystal Y. Penna
Lisa A. Pennsy
Peter A. Pentz
Amelia C. Perino
Greg Perkins
Daniel Perritano
Brian C. Perry
Scott Perry
Cheryne A. Peters
Paul and Cris Peters
Jean Petersen
The John M. and Gertrude E. Petersen Foundation
David A. Peterson
Jeffrey S. Peterson
Robert Peterson
Laurie A. Petroff
Kimberly Petrone
Wesley Allen Pettis
Attorney Sue Anthony Pfadt
Gregg and Jennifer Pfeffer
Matthew and Ruth Pflueger
Patrick Phelps
Tammy Philabaum
Carolyn Phillips
Linda C. Phillips
Floyd and Patricia Piazza
Clifford B. Pier
Sarah R. Pierce
Gerard J. Pietrasiewicz
Mark J. Pietrusinski and Kathleen Felong Pietrusinski
Becky Pintea
Larie Pintea
Phil and Jennifer Pinzok
Ken Piotrowicz
Cheri Piotrowski
Deborah A. Piotrowski
Peter Piotrowski
Arlene L. Piskor
Steven and Chris Pitonyak
Douglas and Pamela Pitts
Erin Pizzo
Jason and Jamie Plaster
Holly K. Platte
Karen D. Platz
Michael and Michele Plazony
Vicki L. Pletz
Jeffrey and Rhonda Plyler
Kelly M. Plyler
Frank Polk
George and Mattie Pollack
Mattie S. Pollack
Barbara Pollock
Philip H. Pompeani
Jeffrey Pongratz
Kelly S. Poniatowski
Mary C. Pontillo
Thomas Pontillo
Amy Popoff
Jason M. Porreco
Joshua M. Porreco
Daniel R. Potalivo
Laura A. Potter
Joanne M. Prae
Felicia Presley
Jo Ellen Presnar
Kimberly A. Preston
Hope M. Price
Christopher Prindle
Robert J. Prindle Sr.
Damien Pritchard
Peggy J. Proba
Duane Prokop
Michael W. Pruzinsky
Rhonda Puda
David Pugne
Barbara Pulice
Jodi L. Pusch
Carol Putman
Andy Putnam

Gabi I. Quiggle
Ann B. and Jack M. Quinn
Michael P. Quinn
Patrick and Susan Quinn

Suzanne E. Rabogliatti
Ioan Rad
Stephen T. Radack III
Ann M. Rader
Jodi Rae
David and Brenda Raffensberger
Sean Rafferty
Bruce Raimy
Gary and Susan Raimy
Chris and Babs Rajecki
Mark Rakauskas
Carrie and Todd Raleigh
Erika and John Ramalho
Angenie Ramdhanie
Dennis and Mary Ranalli
Timothy Rankin
Rhonda A. Rapela
Timothy J. Rapela
Andrew R. Rastetter
Ted A. Rau
Scott A. Rawson
Debra Ray
Gerry and Sandy Raydo
Melanie S. Raygor
Chuck and Wallie Reams
Jeffrey K. Reams
Fred W. and Sally Reed
Mary L. Reed
Catherine Reese
Daniel E. Reese
Gregory R. Reese
Patricia A. Regan
Russell A. Regdos
Sean Reichard
William and Charlotte Reichert
Mark Reinelt
Thomas Reisenweber
Carl A. Renner
Patrick M. Rennie
Cindy L. Rewers
David Reynolds
Dr. Suzanne L. Richard
Timothy A. Richards
Al Richardson
Gretchen A. Rickrode
Gretchen Riess
Kimberly J. Rigazzi-Neimeic
Frank D. Riley Jr.
Tim and Patty Riley
Steve and Angela Rinn
David and Donna Rioux
James B. Ritzel
Carlos M. Rivera
Iluminada Rivera
Kathryn Rivera
Lisa T. Rizzo
Vince and Kari Rizzone
Justin Roach
Robin Roberts
Lisa M. Robie
Ernest and Kimberly Sue Robinson
Laurie L. Rocco
Rami L. Rocco
Jacquelyn A. Roddy
Robert C. Roddy
Curtis and Sheila Rodgers
Lisa J. and Roy C. Rodgers
Sheila A. Rodgers
Rosaura Rodriguez
Robert Roecklein
Deanne and Craig Roehm
Frank and Mary Beth Rogers
Raymond G. Rogers
Nancy Romba
Dean C. Roney
Shawn and Sharon Rooney
Laurie B. Root
William J. Ropiecki
Ashley Rose
Mark G. Rosenthal
Christal Ross
David F. Ross
David C. Ross
Jane and Darrell Ross
Michael S. Ross
Patricia L. Ross
John P. Rossi
Paul G. Roth
Jacob A. Rouch and Jordan Johnson
Jeremy Routh
Florence Roward
James R. Rowe II
Annette Ruef
Katie and Mike Ruffa
Karen Rugare
Gera A. Ruhland
Gina M. Rullo
Gregory R. Rupp
Celsa Rush
Donna L. Rush
Laura E. Rush-Malencia
Dione D. Russell
Heather and Kevin L. Russell
Scott Russin
David and Doreen Russo
Nancy P. Russo
Richard T. and Diane Higgins Ruth
Michael Rutter
Karin Lynn Ryan
Kelly J. Ryan
Anne E. Rydzewski
Joseph V. Rys
Karen R. Rzepecki
Brenda K. Rzepka

Trina Sabetti
Steven Sadowski
James Salcius
Mary Beth Salisbury
Paul and Jamie Sallie
Michael S. Salow
Matthew Salvia
Paul P. Samlock
Brad Sanders
Laurie A. Sanderson
Christine A. Sanfratello
Jeffrey D. Sanner
William and Susan Sapone
Alan R. Sargent
Marjorie J. Sargent
John Sass
Aaron J. Satyshur
Robert Sawtelle
Todd Say
Heather A. Sayers
Keith and Heather Sayers
Mary E. Schaaf
John C. Schack
Jennifer L. Schade
Mark and Gina Schaefer
Lawrence Schaller
Gregory Scharrer
Stephanie Scharrer
Denice Schau
Allan and Patricia Schell
Sandra L. Donnelly
Adam Scheloske
Joe and Rhonda Schember
Brian Schenker
David Scheppner
Robin Scheppner
Mark Schetlin
David and Janet Schlabach
Maureen Schlegel
Philip Schmalzried
Robert A. Schmidle
Jeffrey Schmidt
John M. and Karen Schmitt
Joseph J. Schmitt III and Nicole Schmitt
Jeanne and Oscar Schmitt
Scott C. and Jeanette Schnars
Mark Schneider
Nicholas M. Schneider
Tammy L. Schneider
Dean and Sheila Schoenfeldt
Bridget H. Schoenig
Melissa A. Scholtz
David M. Schrenk
Alan Schultz
Gail L. Schultz
Maggie M. Schultz
Sandra Schultz
Michael E. Schupp
Karen A. Schuver
Bradley Schwab
Mrs. Jane Schwab
Dr. and Mrs. M. Peter Scibetta
Ann and Thad Scott
John and Brenda Scutella
Matthew Seagren
Joseph J. Sebald
Leonard S. Sebastian
Bradley Sedler
Diane R. Segal
Gary and LisaSeib
Richard H. Semrau
Robin R. Seneta
Diane M. Senger
Katharine Senger
Tim and Nancy Sennett
William C. Sennett
James P. Serafin
Richard L. Seymour
Christopher Shaffer
Charlie and Colleen Shaffer
Jay and Brittany Shaffer
David J. Shaloiko
Randy L. Shapira
Ronald Sharp Jr.
Frank Shatto
Nadezhda M. Shavkunova
Denise M. Shaw
Karen M. Shaw
Mark and Prudence Shaw
Michael L. Shaw
Patrick Shea
Karl J. Shearer Jr.
Katherine Sheridan
Steven E. Sherred
Carla Shields
Stephanie L. Shilling
Sarah Shine
Timothy M. Shine
Melissa and Michael Shirey
Sally L. Shreve
Kelly A. Shrout
Nathan Shufran
Cynthia L. Shullman
Maureen L. Sidelinger
Erin and Joe Siegrist
Karen A. Siemieniak
Natalie A. Siemieniak
John J. Siggia Jr.
Delores Sigman
Melissa R. Silka
Kimberly Silvis
Eileen K. Simkovitch
John and Jennifer Simon
Father Steven Pimen and Jayne Simon
Laura Simonetti
Ronald Simpson
Harry and Martha Sinden
Amanda Sissem
Audra M. Sisti
Karen A. Skarupski
Stephen Skinner
Barbara B. Skonieczki
Lisa Skrutsky
Kathi and Kenneth D. Slaney
Ray E. Slater
Craig S. Slick
Lisa Slomski
Dan and Claudine Sloppy
Debra M. Slupski
Sandra and Gary Smialek
Cynthia J. Smiley
Carol L. Smith
Denise Smith
Edwin W. Smith, Esq. and Jennifer M. Smith
Flordeliza Smith
Gary F. Smith
Jedediah and Meredith Smith
Jennifer A. Smith
Kristi L. Smith
Melissa Ann Smith
Michael C. Smith
Michael A. Smith
Robert V. Smith
Scott A. Smith
Shawn L. Smith
Sonya Smith
Sheryl Smock
Daniel Snell
Donald R. Snyder
Julie A. Snyder
Linda S. Snyder
Tammy L. Snyder
William Snyder
Frank J. Soboleski
Brent and Rhetta Soety
Mark Soety
Mikhail A. Sokolov
Yuliya Sokolovska
Jim and Sandra Solomon
Andrea S. Sommers
Helicia Sonney
Marsha Sonntag
Chris and Mary Ellen Sorce
Gregory J. Sorce
Lisa A. Sorensen
Rudolph J. Soto
David Soule
Charles and Penny Spacht
Kristin A. Spacht
Mike Spain
James Sparber
Michael and Mary Sparks
Robert M. Speel
Mary C. Gensheimer and Richard H. Speicher
Charity Spinelli
Joseph A. Spinelli
Ally Ann Spusta
Kelly Ann Spusta
Charles R. Squires
Christine Staaf
Theresa Stachera
William A. Stafford
Thomas Staley Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Stamm
Deborah M. Stankiewicz
Norman H. Stark
Sharon Stasiewski
Lauren Staszewski
Kimberly A. Stebick
Matthew and Kimberly Stebick
William J. Steger
Samuel Steiner
Bruce and Judy Stellmach
Lisa M. Stempka
Chad Sterrett
Kristen Stevanus
James F. and Bridget Stevenson
Linda L. Stevenson
Jennifer L. Stewart
Robert A. Stidd
William T. Stiles
Marci M. Stitt
John Stockard
Brenda Stolz
Bruce Stone
Artonio Stovall
Roxane R. Stovall
Ada C. Strasser
Andrea and Ken Straub
Donald Straub
Ed Strickland
James A. and Phoebe J. Strobel
Jennifer Struchen
Gerald M. Stuczynski
Benjamin and Colleen Stumpf
Shari L. Stumpo
Roger and Nancy Sturtevant
Kathleen Stuttler
Meng Su
Timothy J. Sul
Daniel P. Sullivan
Kimberly Sullivan
Stacie R. Sullivan
Frank and Jennifer Sulz
Rasha Sumaisam
Craig C. Sundberg
Dana and Kelli Suppa
Philip W. Susann
Sue Sutto
Christopher Sutton
Richard Swain
David R. Swan
James Swaney
Steven D. Swanson
Linda and Leo J. Swantek Jr.
Scott and Pamela Swartzfager
Shannon K. Sweeney
Sarah B. Swick
Matthew Swinarski
Danielle M. Szklenski
Amy Szoszorek
Cheryl A. Szymecki


Kenneth Tafelski
Roger H. Taft
Thomas S. Talarico
James and Connie Tanous
Troy and Melissa Taraski
Jonathan Tate
Mark M. Tautin
Dr. Keith Taylor and Mary Jean Taylor
Brittany and Paul Taylor
Michael J. Tellers
Sara K. Temple
Ryan D. Tennant
Anatoliy Treeshchuk
Mark Testa
Richard Teudhope
David and Mary Teufel
Lauren Theisen
Stephen R. Thelin
Mark and Sharon Theuret
Gerell Thomas
Mike and LeeAnn Thomas
Tammy Thomas
Andrea A. Thompson
Jean Thompson
Robert and Janet Thompson
Rudy N. Thompson
Shauna Thompson
Debra Thoreson
Beverly D. Thoren
Pamela J. Thorpe
Brian and Amy Tiede
Laura Tighe
John and Susan Timon
James E. Tingley
Mark and Sharon Tinner
Joyce Tinsman
Zinaida Tishchenko
Mark and Linda Tobelewski
Joseph Tokarczyk
Russ and Karen Tomilin
Julie Tomlinson
Andy and Candy Tompkins
Emily Toothman
Pamela J. Torok
Julian Torres
Kevin R. Torres
Arcadio Torres-Santos
Samuel Torrey
Caren M. Totleben
Scott C. Totten
Anonthy Trabert
Mary S. Trambley
Shelly Tramontano
Patrick Traphagen
Soledad Traverso
Linda A. Trejchel
Terrence Triana
Gerry and Peggy Trichel
Mark E. Trigilio
Russ and Cammie Trocha
Dr. Rod and Judith Troester
Deborah J. Tromans
Colleen M. Trombetta
Michael A. Trott
Michael C. Trudnowski
Judith Truitt
Kyle Truitt
Kimberly Tucci
Kathryn and David M. Tullio
Thomas and Carol Tupitza
Matthew J. Turk
Barbara D. Turner
Linda and Patrick Turner
Sally Turner
Stephanie L. Turner
Jodie Turri
Karen Tuzynski
Lyn J. Twillie-Darby
Elizabeth A. Twohig
Caroline and Richard Tyree
Sherry L. Tyzinski


Patti Williams and David Uhlig
James Uhrmacher
Kevin and Renee Uht
Janice Underhill
Dale Uplinger
Forest D. Uplinger
Reverend Bernard J. Urbaniak
Kent A. Urbanski

Edina Vakufac
Lucas P. Valencic
Tera Van Doren
Carole J. Van Duzer
Robert J. Van Tash, Jr.
Craig A. VanCise
Kelly E. VanScyoc
Cynthia A. VanTassel
Dawn R. Van Tassel
John R. VanTassel
Jennifer T. Vargo
Alexander G. Varzally
Janet M. Vedder
Jamie L. Velez
Stacey A. Velez
Ray Venkataraman
Stephen Ventrello
Michael S. and Marie Vereb
Jean Vickey
Vera Vigovsky
Maggie Villa
Maria Denise Villa
Katrina J. Smith
William J. Vitron, Jr. and Lyndsey C. Vitron
Diane Voelker
Al Vogan
Paul D. Vojtek
Shirley A. Vommaro

Carol Wagner
William J. Wagner
Linda S. Waldemarson
Heidi A. Waldinger
Joseph A. Walker
Patricia A. Walker
William L. Waller
Brian and Angela Walter
Crystal Walters
Wen-Li Wang
Christine Ward
Judith A. Ward
Nick and Tammy Ward
Al Warner
Russ and Robin Warner
James T. Warren
Victoria A. Warren
Fred J. Washburn
Azim Z. Washington
Attorney and Mrs. Mark T. Wassell
Andy Watts
Jan E. Webber
Angela and Michael Weber
Jason E. Weber
Teesha Weems
Richard M. Weese
Jerome C. Wegley
Mark R. Weibel
Mike Weidler
Tracey L. Weidner
Charles E. and Debra Weindorf
Brad and Lisa Weisenbach
Eric and Janet Weislogel
Jeffrey McKeon and Dr. Nancy E. Weissbach
Roberta Wellington
Ann Marie Wentling
Christina M. Wentz
Kimberly Wertz
Harry J. and Anna M. West
Aaron M. Wettekin
Elizabeth A. Wetzel
Janis Weyand
Scott and Linda Whalen
Christopher Wheeler
Susan Wheeler
Erin L. White
Gwendolyn White
Izedia White-Brown
Kathryn A. Whitehill
Susan J. Whitman
Daniel M. Widomski
Timothy and Ann Widomski
Michelle L. Wiesen
Gregory A. Wieser
Kathleen S. Wiest
Teresa A. Wigham
Matthew and Emily Wilcko
Brigid M. Wilcox
Dave L. Wilcox
Teresa Wilczynski
Michelle A. Wilkins
Joanne Wilkinson
Amos Williams
Amy E. Williams
Carl Williams
Chad A. Williams
Cindy B. Williams
Darren M. Williams
Deborah A. Williams
Eileen G. Williams
Erika L. Williams
Michael A. Williams
Michelle Kay Williams
Shawna Williams
Dr. Stephanie M. Williams
Christel M. Willis
William A. Willis Jr.
Elizabeth Wilson
John and Diane Wilson
Julie Wilson
Richard Wilson
Judith E. Wingerter
Sharon and Mark Winkler
Laurie R. Winschel
Mary A. Winters
Mark J. and Linda Witchcoff
Brenda L. Withers
Eric J. Witkowski
Jim and Lois Witkowsky
Dr. Thomas and Annette Wittmann
Shannon and Greg Wohlford
Jessica and Nicolas Wolfe
Larry A. Wolford
Carl M. Wolfrom
Sheila M. Woll
Clarice Womack
Kimberley L. Womack
Merle E. Wood
Kristin Woodring
Leon Woods Jr.
Mary A. Woodworth
Kathleen Woomer
Randy M. Work
Deborah K. Wren
Debra J. Wright
Don and Gayle Wright
Lisa M. Wright
Mark A. Wright
Robert J. Wright
Scott K. Wright and Carla W. Picardo
Yi Wu
Paul Wursch
Kim P. Wurst
Vicki Wurst
Elizabeth Wygant

Dr. Jack E. Yakish
Douglas M. Yarbenet
Richard and Diane Yeager
Linda Yeckley
Katie J. Yenny
Chuck Yeung
Scott B. Yochim
James C. Yoculan
Keith and Jamie Young
Paul Young
Richard Young
William R. and Dorothy Youngman
Donald and Christine Youngs
Christine Yuhas

Michael J. Zagorski
Jim and Debbie Zahler
Dick and Therese Zamboldi
Mark and Carol Zamperini
Massimo Zanco
Michael A. Zarger
Sally F. Zausen
David M. Zdunski
Christopher M. Zehner
Bruce Zeigler
Xin Zhao
Corey Zieziula
Timothy M. Zieziula
Christopher and Norma Zimmer
David J. and Linda Zimmer
Robert and Robin Zimmer
Brian A. Ziroli
Gregory and Margaret Zona
Margaret M. Zona
Karen and Matt Zonno
Andrew J. Zuber
Michael Zukowski
David and Barbara Zurn
Joan M. Zysk