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Honorary & Memorial Gifts



The following gifts were made in Honorarium:

In Honor of Ms. Jeannette Barczynski*
Nancy Donnelly

In Honor of Dr. Kathleen Benson
Jane Carney
Cheryl Wiegle

In Honor of Nan and Tom Clarkson
Barb and Dave Monteith

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hilling*
Tom and Barbara Cataldo

In Honor of Ms. Amy Lamm
Mr. and Mrs. William Holtz

In Honor of Ms. Stella LaPaglia
Christopher Granahan

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. James Ohrn*
Mary O'Harrow

In Honor of Ms. Robin Roberts
Joanna Peters

Nanci Lorei has made gifts in honor of each of her clients to United Way’s
Imagination Library*
Jamie and Justin Araki
Kristen Comstock and Chris Arkwright
Ralph and Melissa Babarsky
Jerry and Cindy Beemer
Barb Brann
Kim Brown
Eric and Cheryl Brozell
Alek and Vanya Buntic
Heather May and James Casper
Terry Cavanaugh
Gina D'Amore
Larry Kreakie and Bobbi Ebert
Adam and Matthew Falcone
Patrick Fisher
Kristina Church and Roberto Gregorius
Nanci Haibach
Rich Heidt
Leonard and Kathleen Kolb
Heather Parker and Brian Kornez
Andreas and Colleen Kostis
Linda and Henry Melnik
Joe and Pam Monaco
John and Ailene Paway
Shawn Riggin
Blair Tuttle and Marcella Smith
Nick and Elizabeth Snyder
Jennifer Allen and John Streeter
Dan and Naomi Stutzman
Casey and Monica Weed
Bob and Karen Williams

The following gifts were made in Memoriam:
In Memory of Keith Coleman*
Bill and Patty Jackson

In Memory of Norma Jean Dahlkemper*
Bill and Patty Jackson

In Memory of Ernie and Leah Elsesser
Rachel Jessup

In Memory of Liam Heintz*
Lori Krause

 In Memory of Ralph Hunsberger
Gale Hunsberger

In Memory of Steve and Helen Kovacs
Rachel Jessup

In Memory of Carl Minzenberger
Janet Minzenberger

In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Petit
Pamela Lawrence

In Memory of Bernice Sadler
AnneMarie Carey, Mary Lynn Davis, Judy Minichelli, Anne McGarvey, Linda Trejchel, and Cheryl Zukowski

In Memory of Jane and Davie Yuhas
Carolyn and George Huzinec


*Imagination Library