Weekly INBrief: February 3, 2021

Monday Feb 1st, 2021


Meet Your Local United Way Staff dedicated to the people we serve to ensure a thriving Erie community

Name: Cheryl Bates 
Title: Program Director, United Way Erie FREE Taxes 
Years at UW: 10 years
Favorite thing about Erie is access to Presque Isle

Name: Joelyn Bush
Title: Director of Marketing and Communications 
Years at United Way: 7 
Favorite thing about Erie: I am a four-season embracer! From kayaking to snowshoeing, I enjoy Erie countywide Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! I am also enthusiastic about the strong collaborations we are fortunate to have in many sectors and pandemic aside, our community events, especially our ethnic festivals and the Blues & Jazz Festival!

Name: Julie Chacona 
Title:  Director of Major Gifts 
Years at UW:  3 1/2 months 
Favorite things about Erie:  Having the lake to enjoy year-round is a gift to appreciate and respect as water is a natural resource that is not accessible to many people in our country. And I also have to add Romolo Chocolates!

Name: Damali Donovan 
Title: Community School Liaison—AmeriCorps*VISTA 
Years at UW: 1 year, 6 months 
Favorite thing about Erie: I love Erie in the summer and the amazing people I have met and that have helped me along my journey in life.

Name: Bill Jackson 
Title: President 
Years at UW: 25 
Favorite thing about Erie: We truly have community here. It’s not just a place to live, it’s a place where absolutely anyone can really make a positive impact. And let’s not forget those amazing sunsets!

Name:  Erica Jackson 
Title:  Community Impact Manager of Grant Administration 
Years at UW: 1
Favorite thing about Erie is enjoying the beauty of the Peninsula, especially in the summer.

Name: Mike Jaruszewicz 
Title: Vice President of Community Impact 
Years at UWEC: 10 
Favorite thing about Erie: This is a tough question…I really appreciate being so close to our downtown and waterfront because there is so much to enjoy year-round!

Name: Stephanie King
Title: Director of Education
Years at UWEC:  1 year, 9 months 
Favorite thing about Erie:  I have lived in Erie most of my life and most of our family is here.  I love how there is something for everyone in our town.  From family-friendly places to adult-only events, there is always something to keep you interested in our community.

Name: Sara Naughton  
Title: Community Impact Coordinator  
Years at UWEC: 5 months 
Favorite thing about Erie: Erie holds a very special place in my heart for so many reasons, but my favorite part of our community is Presque Isle. Whenever I need to clear my head, I head to the beach! Our city holds so many hidden gems.

Name: Ron Oliver 
Title: AFL-CIO Community Service Labor Liaison, Vice President Labor Division, United Way of Erie County 
Years: 10 
Favorite things about Erie: Peoplelove to network, especially union members; The City of Erie, many locations to go and see. Presque Isle Park, Downtown areas, Bayfront, etc.; Great golf courses and nonprofit organizations

Name:  Joanna Peters 
Title:  Administrative Assistant 
Years at UW: 7
Favorite thing about Erie is the lake.  Relaxing at the beach and fishing during the summer month is a gift we have that everyone should take advantage of.  This past weekend my husband and I went and sat at the lake and looked at the ice dunes.

Name: Bailey Pituch 
Title: Community Impact Manager of Data & Evaluation 
Years @ UW: 1 year, 4 months
Favorite thing about Erie: Accessible Arts & Culture. I would plan my year around the Erie Art Museum’s quarterly Gallery Nights! I moved back to Erie in 2018 for the Blues & Jazz Festival, so that will always hold a place in my heart.

Name: Laurie Root 
Title: Senior Vice President 
Years at UW: 10
Favorite thing about Erie: After living in the metro DC area, coming back to Erie with its strong sense of community was really refreshing. Watching all of the positive movement is so exciting and how people and organization are working together like never before! Not to mention the natural beauty of where we are!

Name: Natalie Rugare 
Title: Marketing Assistant 
Years at UW: 6 months
|Favorite thing about ErieErie is full of uniqueness when it comes to its breathtaking nature spots and the generosity of its community.

Name: Gina Schaefer 
Title:  Resource Development and Office Manager 
Years at UW:  23 
Favorite thing about Erie: I have lived in Erie almost all my life, it is a great city with a lot of things to do year-round.  I enjoy being able to experience all the seasons, but the best time of the year in Erie is summer.  Presque Isle is amazing, as well as all the local events that take place.

Name: Ashley Wilczynski 
Title: Administrative Support & Database Associate 
Years at UWEC: 5
Favorite thing about Erie: I have lived in Erie most of my life, its where (most of) my family is. Everything is close and it is not too big of a city. When I do crave the big city, I have a few to choose from within a few hours' drive.

Name: Christine Yuhas
Title: Controller
Years @ UW: 32
Favorite thing about Erie: Everyone loves Presque Isle but I also love the unique architecture that can be found. From the mansions on 6th street to the beautiful churches that can be found around town.  Appreciate the work that is being done to preserve them!


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