Thank You Wegmans!

Wednesday Dec 7th, 2022

The power of partnerships between United Way of Erie County and companies like Wegmans, are creating real change in our mission to Crush Poverty!

During the past five weeks, Wegmans’ cashiers have been taking part in the company’s annual scan campaign. Cashiers ask customers to round up or contribute an additional $2, $3 or $5 to United Way at the time of check out.

To show support during November, United Way staff along with board members Jim and Sue Ohrn, Robin Scheppner, Lisa Slomski, Marybeth Smialek and Eric Weislogel, volunteered 122 hours to help bag groceries during the weekends of the campaign.

When asked about her bagging experience, Damali Donovan, Community Impact Coordinator, did not hesitate to say, “It was such a great experience. The cashiers love working at Wegmans and told me how great the organization was without being prompted. We had employees who had just finished a shift go through our line and they made sure to donate. Some workers talked about how great United Way's mission to crush poverty is and how they were proud to help the community through United Way.”

Gina Schaefer, Resource Development and Office Manager, shared, “I have volunteered for years to bag during the scan campaign, as it is a way for me to give a little back to the cashiers who work hard asking for donations on United Way’s behalf.”

Cashiers work as a team on this campaign and sometimes get creative with their asks. 

For example, Amy Gradler, a cashier at the West Side Wegmans said, “One day, I had a woman in my line, and I said to her ‘if I get all of your groceries in all your bags, would you give $10 to United Way?’ She said sure, and I did it!”

Chipper Causgrove, an 11-year veteran cashier at Wegmans Peach Street who secured the most donations at the store, said “All you have to do is ask and people enjoy giving because United Way is a good organization.” When asked about Wegmans corporate philosophy of giving back to the communities they serve she paused and said, “I get emotional because Wegmans gives above and beyond... Sometimes I feel as if I owe them. I can’t say enough good things about Wegmans.” 

Peach Top 10 Cashiers: Chipper, Joyce, James, Christine A., Julie E., Korrye, Aiden, Patryce, Robert and Ozma 

West Ridge Top 10 Cashiers: Ann L., Amy G., Paige W., April W., Maliha S., Anna K., CathySue H., Grace M., Nancy P. and Diane D.

Every gift, from every customer, no matter the amount, helped to reach a total of $45,126! To show appreciation to all the Wegmans' cashiers at both the Peach Street and West Erie stores, United Way staff brought cheers, balloons and gifts to express thanks and gratitude.