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Ramadan Mubarak

Thursday Mar 23rd, 2023

With just hours before Ramadan begins, Islam’s holiest month, seven East Middle, a United Way community school, students gathered in their community room to share more about Ramadan and the gratitude of having a safe space for prayer and family within the school.

Prayer and reflection is a cornerstone for Muslims, especially during Ramadan. It is typical for Muslims to pray throughout the day and gather at a local Mosque, community center or at home with friends and family. East’s community room acts as a safe space for students to pray during the day and provides proper supplies, such as rugs and hijabs for those students that may want or need them.

“We need a prayer room. Some people do it here (at school) and some do it at home after school, though it is preferred to pray at school since that is the normal time to pray,” said Mohammad A, an eighth grade student and spokesperson for the group of students. 

Other aspects of Ramadan include fasting, both food and drink, not being allowed to dance or listen to music and more, which can be challenging in a school environment. However, the students agreed that the school has been very accepting and accommodating in ways of allowing students to go to the community room during lunch or to sit out of gym as it could make them thirsty.

Sunrise to sundown can be a very long day but the students rejoice at the celebration that occurs once fast is broken at the end of each day.

“We usually break fast by drinking water and eating dates. We also may have a big meal and meet with our friends and family,” stated Mohammad A.

Another time to celebrate is during Eid Al-Fitr, or Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan. Here, Muslims may receive gifts or money though it is very common for many to give their monies and gifts to local charities and people that may need it most. 

“If you have money you give it to people that may need it, it’s a lot about giving and celebrating with everyone,” said Mohammad A.

With hearts of gold, these students have made sure to share their celebration with others like Rachel Pierce, East Middle’s Community School Director, to include making a bunch of traditional cuisines to share with her this past Monday and planning for a celebration after Ramadan is officially over. 

“I was so surprised that they brought me things that they were going to eat during Ramadan. It was so sweet, that was my best day,” exclaimed Rachel.

“Ramadan Mubarak,” is something that any one of us can say to Muslims during Ramadan to show togetherness, family and community. Have a blessed Ramadan.

Special thanks to the East students that shared their stories and experiences: Ikramullah, Luqman, Mohammad A., Mohammad R., Rainana, Sharifa and Sodaba.