Peaceful Playground Unveiled at Pfeiffer-Burleigh

Tuesday Nov 9th, 2021

On Tuesday, November 9 representatives from United Way of Erie County, Erie’s Public Schools and Erie Insurance gathered at the newly completed Peaceful Playground at Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary, a community school.

A Peaceful Playground is a safe play environment that enhances learning, prevents bullying and school injuries, and promotes positive social interactions on the playground. These five solutions make up the Peaceful Playgrounds recess program and creed: Conflict Resolution, Rules, Equipment, Expectations and Designs.

Thanks to Pfeiffer Burleigh’s corporate partner Erie Insurance, a spot was paved to make room for the Peaceful Playground on Pfeiffer-Burleigh’s campus. Additional materials for this project were made possible through a grant from the Highmark Foundation, support from E.E. Austin & Sons and Custom Paving.

Did you know recess is one of the only times during a school day where students are given 100% free choice? Pfeiffer-Burleigh's new playground will:

  • provide colorful and engaging play space for students,
  • offer social skill building and conflict resolution opportunities
  • maximizes space and minimizes injuries during recess