Life-Changing Support for Erie County Residents in Crisis

Thursday Feb 4th, 2021

It’s easier than you think to change a life.


211 does it every day. And you can, too, by supporting this critical service.

211 is one of our most effective strategies to reach people in need. No matter the situation,
the resource navigators at 211 listen, identify underlying problems, and connect people in need with resources and services in their community that improve their lives.

With a gift to 211, you can provide a vital lifeline to people in Erie County impacted by disaster, crises and the pandemic. Your support makes sure 211 resource navigatiors connect more people with the essential resources they need to navigate the health, education, and economic challenges.

When someone calls, texts or emails 211 they get free, confidential support 24/7/365.
Plus our local 211 does more than patch people through to agencies. Requests are answered by real people, trained specialists who identify and address root causes of a client’s problem – and connect them with a wide range of available resources that meet all the underlying needs.

From the first hello, someone in crisis is reaching a real person who can provide a connection to help.

In 2020, PA 211 fielded more than 11,000 referrals to individuals in the Northwest region. That is a lot of lives changed.

Here’s one example:

"Families depend on their neighboring schools to provide at least one meal a day for their children. When the pandemic hit and schools were forced to shut down all in-person activities last year, families were left without food security. A mom in Erie dialed 211 to find places providing pick up lunches for school students. She was connected to multiple food pantries in the area. In a follow up, a 211 resource navigator gave a referral to her children’s school district food distribution contact."

With the help of 211, this local mom was able to find the food security she needed to keep her and her family ready to succeed and thrive.

By supporting 211, you can be part of solving communities problems and transforming lives for the better. Give Now

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