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End of Year Activities

Wednesday May 31st, 2023

The end of the school year is almost here! We hope these examples of United Way's funding, or what we call #CommunitySchoolsInAction, warm your heart and show you impact of your support on students and their families during the last few weeks of school.

Diehl Elementary School

On Thursday, May 25, Diehl hosted their Spring Fling for all school families. From train rides to bouncy houses and a new photobooth, there were plenty of festivities for all families. This is an event that Diehl looks forward to each year! You can view more photos from the event here.

Elk Valley Elementary School

Elk Valley hosted their third annual Summer Safety Event on Thursday, May 11, at Girard High School due to construction and a recent fire. Here, families not only got to engage with safety entities such as EMS, fire and police but also had the opportunity to learn more about Elk Valley's summer reading program, which is one way to combat the summer slide. You can view more photos from the event here.

Harding Elementary School

On Friday, May 19, Harding held their SpringFest for the entire school community. We would like to extend a special thanks to Eriez, Harding's Corporate Partner, for playing such a vital role in the success of this event. You can view more photos from the event here.

Lincoln Elementary School

Recently, Lincoln hosted their largest family engagement event since becoming a community school. On Thursday, May 25, Lincoln became a safari where each student received a stuffed snake, could bob for rubber duckies, hear a variety of stories from PLAYtime Coordinator Trisha Yates in the gym and much more! You can view more photos from the event here.

Perry Elementary School

On Friday, May 19, Perry held their first ever Truck Day. Students were able to explore over ten trucks while having the opportunity to meet their drivers too. Events like these at community schools provide early career exploration opportunities and exposure for even the youngest of students. You can view more photos from the event here.

Strong Vincent Middle School

Strong Vincent held their first ever Career and Technical Education Fair for students on Friday, May 19. This event was a collaboration with Erie's Public Schools for Strong Vincent's GO Trade and GO College programs, which offers students the opportunity to explore various career pathways for life after high school. You can view more photos from the event here.