Community School Volunteer Spotlight: Tackett Family

Thursday Apr 30th, 2020

April is National Volunteer month. And, they say that nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer. As we all continue to navigate a new normal imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an inspiring, heartfelt response from people throughout our region who want to lend a hand. At United Way we are fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers that give back by choosing to volunteer through United Way's community schools partnership. Two of those volunteers are Deb and Ray Tackett who volunteer at Edison Elementary, a United Way community school whose corporate partner is Wabtec Corporation.

"Volunteering has always been a very important part of my life, and something I want to instill in my kids as my parents did," said Deb.

Deb went on to explain the community school partnership at Edison has brought her families so many opportunities to give back, and more importantly, to support other families and kids in our community who are in need. "It is so important for kids to feel and see the support of their community, and to know that they have people thinking of them and people that are there for them. The Edison community school partnership is lead by such amazing, caring, and grateful people and their dedication makes it so easy to get involved! From eating lunch with students at school, donating clothes to the closet, Giving Tree program, and now the support during these times of quarantine, the opportunities are so great and United Way's community school initiative makes it so easy to volunteer!"

Deb and her husband Ray have been donating their time during the quarantine since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our community by recording story times, science lessons and even magic shows!

"Without this program, many people would not know what need there is in our community and how they can help by giving of time. Talent, or needs. We are grateful for the Community School leader, United  Way, and the opportunity to share of ourselves and build more relationships in the community!"

Community School Volunteer Deb Tackett