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Community School Director Appreciation Week

Monday Sep 19th, 2022

Today kickstarts Coalition for Community Schools Community School Coordinators Week!

United Way wants to share a sincere THANK YOU to each of our community school directors (CSDs) across Erie County. A CSD is a connector, caretaker and communicator for the school they serve. We are incredibly grateful to call these outstanding individuals United Way staff members and continue to work together in a new way that meets the needs of both students and their families at United Way community schools!

BIG THANKS to Julia Boyd at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Katrina Byrd at Strong Vincent Middle School, Karen Donnelly at Diehl Elementary School, Bailey Pituch at Union City Elementary School, Rachel Pierce at East Middle School, Scot Galloway at Perry Elementary School, Sara Musone at Grover Cleveland Elementary School, Tammy Rader at Elk Valley Elementary School, Marcus Yuille at JoAnna Connell Elementary School, Amy Grande at McKinley Elementary School, Liz Nies at Lincoln Elementary School, Meghan Easter at Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School, Ashley Taylor at Jefferson Elementary School, Kerrie Grande at Iroquois Elementary School, Tami Kreszewski-Conway at Edison Elementary School and Shanna Potter at Harding Elementary School!

You are all SHINING EXAMPLES of what it means to LIVE UNITED, and we appreciate you!

Get to know more about our CSDs here: https://www.unitedwayerie.org/learn/the-team/the-team-csds/

CSD Appreciation 2021 1
CSD Appreciation 2021