Annual Report - Working Differently

Wednesday Sep 4th, 2019

United Way of Erie County has transitioned from the isolated impact approach to the collective impact framework to address the complex challenge of breaking the cycle of poverty in our community.

UW 5


  • Redundancies and overlap are common
  • Gaps in resources are not identified
  • Each organization focused solely on its own
    agenda and funding
  • Addressing symptoms but not root causes


  • Organizations may meet and/or report out,
    but work silos are maintained; protection of
    individual agendas, turf and funding continues
  • Lacks the elements of success that enable
    collective impact initiatives to achieve sustained
    alignment of efforts
  • Cross-sector collaboration is not achieved


A framework to address complex social problems.
An innovative and structured approach to making
collaboration work across government, business,
philanthropy, nonprofits and citizens to achieve
significant social change.