Women United Recognition

Women United is a dynamic group of women who recognize the importance of investing in our most precious human capital, the next generation. Each member of this affinity group pledges at a giving level that is comfortable for her--between $250 - $5,000 or more a year for a three-year commitment to United Way's community school initiative.

Women United supports United Way’s position that every child, regardless of what zip code they live in, deserves the supports and resources needed to excel and thrive in school…and therefore in life. Community schools focus on removing the many barriers low-income children face, every day, keeping them from achieving academically. With these barriers removed, children come to school ready and eager to learn!



Women United Change Leader 
Penny Austin* 
Janel Bonsell* 
Sharon Fish
Beverly Gocal
Carol Geiger
Anita Kuchcinski
Beth Lewis 
Mary Lincoln 
Charlotte A. Manison 
Colleen Moore-Mezler 
Diane Morosky 
Deborah Murphy 
Lisa NeCastro* 
Amy Nedreski
Christine Riehl 
Laurie B. Root 
Kathe Scheppner 
Robin Scheppner* 
Ann Schoeller 
Amy Valentine 
Terri Wolfe-Lubahn 
Dana Zaphiris* 

Women United Members 
Connie Boone-Manus 
Susan Breon 
Joelyn J. Bush 
Mary Jo Campbell, Ed.D. 
Chantelle Carter 
Julie Chacona 
Dr. Monica Clem
Katie Confer
Linda Corso
Susan DeLuca 
Aubry DeMarco* 
Diana Denniston 
Donna Douglass* 
Christie Drabic
Chris English
Mary Euell
Jennifer Geertson
Shateria Franklin
Jana Goodrich 
Christine Goodrich Blashock* 
Jennie Hagerty
Beth Hirz Esq.
Jody Hidey
Kathy Irwin
Rina Irwin
Alexandria Iwanenko Esq.
Katie Jones
Allison Kaverman
Patricia Kennedy Esq.
Maureen Krowicki Esq.
Peggy Laughlin 
Mary Machuga
Carly Manino
Karen Ann Miller
Claudia Mosso
Dr. Dawna T. Mughal 
Debbie Nageli
Sally Opferbeck
Pauline Osmer 
Barbara Pollock 
Jennifer Reed 
Sally Reed
Katie Ruffa
Marilyn Rositer
Gina M. Schaefer
Katie Bool Shafer
Lisa Slomski
Sandie Smialek
Courtney Steding 
Sheila Sterrett 
Kristin Talarico
Jo L. Theisen, Esq. 
Jennifer Tullai 
Catherine von Birgelen 
Sue Weber
Diana McBrier Wolfe

Heather Yahn

*Members of Executive Council