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Women United Recognition

Women United is a dynamic group of women who recognize the importance of investing in our most precious human capital, the next generation. Each member of this affinity group pledges $5,000 or more a year for a three-year commitment to United Way’s community school initiative.

Women United supports United Way’s position that every child, regardless of what zip code they live in, deserves the supports and resources needed to excel and thrive in school…and therefore in life. Community schools focus on removing the many barriers low-income children face, every day, keeping them from achieving academically. With these barriers removed, children come to school ready and eager to learn!



Penny Austin
Janel Bonsell
Sara Kim
Mary Lincoln
Blair Mead
Diane Morosky
Lisa NeCastro
Robin Scheppner
Kathleen Scheppner
Ann Schoeller
Amy Valentine
Terri Wolfe-Lubahn
Dana Zaphiris