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Want to run your employee campaign electronically? ePledge is the answer!

ePledge Quick Reference Guide

ePledge Step By Step Process

Please contact Lisa Fischer, Campaign Accounts Manager at (814) 456-2937 or email for additional information or assistance.


Q: What should we do if donors have trouble accessing the site?
A: Contact Christine Yuhas 814-456-2937 x234.

Q: What if all our employees don't have an email address or easy access to the web site?
A: Everyone can be set up for e-Pledge, regardless of whether they regularly use a computer at work. If there are large numbers of employees that absolutely do not have access, you may want to consider setting up a "computer kiosk" where they would be allowed time to pledge, or a mixed campaign where those without computer access can continue to submit paper pledge forms.

Q: What about employees hired after we send you the data file? Can they use ePledge?
A: A new employee can be easily set up for ePledge at any time. Simply send the name, employee ID, email address, and all other pertinent information to United Way and we will set them up with a username and password. Once set up, we will send them a username and password to access the ePledge site.

Q: How are the paper pledge forms entered?
A: The system has the ability to allow company coordinators to enter paper pledge forms during the campaign; however, if there are a substantial amount of paper pledge forms we recommend you forward those to the United Way for input.

Q: Will there be a minimum bill-me amount?
A: There is a $25 minimum for donors requesting home billing.

Q: Will there be a minimum designation dollar amount?
A: Yes, there is a $25.00 minimum PER AGENCY.

Q: Will a donor have the ability to enter multiple pledges?
A: The system will allow a donor to pledge multiple times. So, if a person wants to be billed for a certain amount and pay an additional amount through payroll deduction, they can do that.

Q: How are pledge forms/monies collected and sent to United Way?
A: Employees should be given the name of an Employee Campaign Manager (ECM) within your company to turn their paper pledges, cash, or check donations in to. The ECM should make arrangements with United Way to collect these items.

Q: What are the United Way's policies regarding donor information and privacy issues?
A: The United Way code of ethics guides employees and volunteers in their use of private, confidential information and requires that it be held in strict confidence. We use your information only for its intended business purpose - we do not sell or trade your information with other organizations. We allow access to your information to auditors and other third parties only as mandated by regulatory requirements. The only other outside party privy to your information, limited only to name and address, is the ultimate recipient of any funds contributed by you via the donor choice program in order to allow the recipient agency to thank you for your gift. We ask if we may publish your name when you make a contribution. Our privacy promise extends online to our Internet website. Online donations are transmitted to a secured server using encryption technology.