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Make Your Campaign Easier WITH...

Enhance your annual employee giving campaign experience by moving your team to our digital pledging platform called ePledge. This easy to use platform allows your staff to give online through our secure system portal, customized for your company. (See testimonials below from local Employee Campaign Managers (ECM) who have made the switch!)
Benefits of moving to ePledge:
  1. FREE - alternative to paper pledges 
  2. Provides secure, PCI-compliant online payment processing
  3. Reduces manual tasks for the Employee Campaign Manager (You!)
  4. Produces real-time reporting of campaign progress
  5. Ability to export records for payroll processing
Learn more about the platform, from logging in for the first time to downloading your final campaign results by contacting Lisa Fischer, campaign accounts manager, at 814-456-2937 or by email at to set up an initial meeting.

Read more from those who already utilize ePledge! 

“When I was approached about converting to United Way’s ePledge online donation platform, I wondered if our employees would embrace this new tool. We’ve now completed 4 ePledge campaigns; our employees adapted quickly and it makes my job as campaign manager so much easier. I’m especially pleased with automated campaign communications, online tracking and reports that have replaced my spreadsheets.” - Stella LaPaglia, Marquette Savings Bank; 4 years with ePledge
“Moving to ePledge ensured seamless participation for both the individual and organization. The site is extremely user-friendly and welcoming for the team member making the donation as well as the ECM. A simple click takes the individual to the site and setting up your donation cannot be any easier. As the ECM, I can easily log in and see how our organization is doing. My overall experience with ePledge has been extremely positive.” - Tyler G. Behr, Early Learning Resource Center; 1 year with ePledge  

ePledge Resources for ePledge Administrators and ECMs

Please contact Lisa Fischer, Campaign Accounts Manager at (814) 456-2937 or
email for additional information or assistance.