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Please read if you are using your FamilyWize® card at Walmart

Walmart has just informed FamilyWize they are deactivating stored discount card information for all of its customers who use their FamilyWize prescription drug discount card at Walmart pharmacies. As a result, a person can only receive the discounted FamilyWize price at Walmart if they present a new or existing FamilyWize card to the Walmart pharmacist.

With this change in policy at Walmart, United Way of Erie County reminds you to carry your FamilyWize card in your purse or wallet when you fill your prescription at Walmart. If you need a new card, you can print one here. As a reminder, you can find the pharmacy offering the lowest price for your prescription drug(s) by using the Drug Price Lookup feature on our website.

Since we first introduced the card to Erie County in September 2013, over 5,490 Erie County residents have saved a combined $850,000 dollars on prescription drugs using the FamilyWize card at pharmacies across Erie County. These residents have saved an average of $155 over this time, with the average savings per claim of $30.65. Remember, there is no need to register the card; the card is re-usable; and no one tracks your prescription drug purchases. It’s a great way to save money on prescription drugs!


This announcement only pertains to Walmart pharmacies. We apologize for this inconvenience.