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How to Read an eBook With Your Child

Electronic books, called e-books, are becoming more and more common. While traditional e-books offer a similar experience to reading a traditional book, newer versions can offer a whole range of exciting features. E-book enhancements can include music that complements the story, playing story-related games, completing coloring pages, and more. Most children find interactive e-books fun and engaging, but it's easy for kids to get carried away with the digital nature of the e-book.

Remember, there's no substitute for quality parent-child interaction. Read with your child every day, whether you're using an e-book or a traditional book, helps grow their love of learning and prepares them for a lifetime of success.

Keep the focus on reading and the story by following these three suggestions:

  • Recognize the novelty factor. Once your child has spent some time exploring, listen to the story without to many non-story related interruptions.

  • Enjoy the features, but don't forget to focus on the story. See if you can help your child find a balance between having fun with the games and really enjoying and understanding the story. As with all books, engage your reader in conversations about the story. "What do you think will happen next? What is your favorite part of the story?"

  • Stay present with your child and the book experience. It's tempting to let the device do the work - read the story, play a game and interact with your child. Keep talking, commenting on interesting words and ideas, and sharing your love of literacy with your child