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Legacy Society

Help United Way thrive with a planned gift

An endowment is a collection of many gifts - large and small - that are deposited and held in a fund where they remain forever. This collection of gifts is invested in traditional ways, mainly in stocks and in corporate and government bonds. Only a portion of the income and dividends earned from these investments is taken from the fund. The original gifts in the fund - called the principal or corpus - remain intact and continue to grow.

United Way of Erie County's Endowment Fund is housed at The Erie Community Foundation. Only income from the Fund is used locally to help respond to emergency and basic needs, reduce poverty and improve community conditions in Erie County. The principal in the Fund remains intact so that it generates income that will forever help people who are in need in our community.

Your planned gift is a very personal matter, a thoughtful commitment to the future. United Way is willing to help you achieve your charitable objectives. When you make a gift to the Endowment Fund or include United Way of Erie County in your estate plans, you become a member of the Legacy Society.

Participation in the Legacy Society is easy and flexible with several giving options that include:

  • Bequest in a will

  • Life insurance

  • Securities

  • Charitable gift annuities

  • Cash gifts

Consider your gift a sound investment that benefits you and your family today and serves our community now and in the future.

Please visit for more information.