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Kindergarten Readiness Funding Priority


Total Funding Available: Up to $200,000 per year


United Way funding will be allocated directly to Erie’s Future Fund starting July 1, 2018. Erie’s Future Fund provides much-needed assistance to children from the highest-need families by providing scholarships to low-income children ages 3 and 4 so they can attend a high-quality Early Childhood Education program. 

Through this grant, the community and Live United Schools will be able to refer families in need of this resource. Those families will then be able to select from area public and private programs that meet the STARS* criteria of Level 3 or 4 or approved rating equivalent, ensuring a high quality experience for those children.

Community school directors and Live United School leadership teams will work directly with Erie’s Future Fund administrators to award scholarships to families living in their catchment areas.


For additional information or questions please contact Emily Francis, United Way's community impact manager at (814) 456-2937 ext. 235 or email