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Community School Boosters Donation

CS Boosters

Please Note: The items listed reflect examples of resource needs that can be acquired at the various support levels and are not intended to represent the exact items that will be purchased. Needs of community schools are identified through extensive Action Plans and vary from school to school.

Be a champion of students in our community by becoming a Community School Booster!

Your support will make the difference in children’s futures right here in our community – let’s crush poverty through education and make Erie a place where students succeed and families thrive!

What is a Booster? 

CS Boosters are enthusiastic supporters of children excelling in school, achieving academic success and being excited to learn. They believe that all children deserve the opportunity to thrive and pursue their dreams through education. Through their support, CS Boosters are removing barriers to learning that economically disadvantaged children face, supporting success in school…and life.

STEAM: Support Enrichment for Students to Excel 

An entire classroom can participate in a Colorations® STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) project with a full set of 40 color markers. Children learn math relationships while building fine motor skills.

Supplies for children: $50

Tutoring: Make it Possible to Learn with Help

Tutoring materials for small group enrichment instruction. Community school volunteers work with teachers to enhance and support classroom learning and help keep students on track and not falling behind during the school year. 

Essential Tools: $100

Basic Needs: Provide Winter Items for Kids to Stay Warm 

Winters in Erie can be harsh and cold, making the walk to school a miserable experience for children without the proper attire. Winter coats and boots for 4-5 students will encourage attendance and keep children warm.

Warmth for children: $200

Overall Support: Give Supplies to Students 

Many students don’t have basic school supplies and teachers often spend their own money to purchase items that are sorely needed. This will provide spiral notebooks and pocket folders for 350 students.

Supplies to Strive: $500

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