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Brand Guidelines & Logos

License agreement considerations for partners

United Way of Erie County adheres to strict brand guidelines in accordance with United Way Worldwide. These download versions are made available to the media, workplace campaign participants, funded organizations and initiatives. Only organizations and initiatives funded through United Way may use the logos with their materials. Please review guidelines below before using the logo. United Way reserves the right to request revisions in printed and online materials when branding guidelines are not followed.

General Referencing:

Our preferred name in print is United Way of Erie CountyIn all written documents, always use the name in its entirety when referring to the organization the first time. After that, all subsequent references in the same document can be just United Way. Try to avoid abbreviating the name. However, if it is absolutely necessary to abbreviate, then UWEC is acceptable. Please do not use the word "the" before United Way of Erie County.

Logo versions for download:

JPG 300 dpi | PNG | EPS | Transparent Background

JPG 300 dpi  | EPS

Community Partner:

United Way encourages program partners to let the community know about our partnership, as it will benefit you, us, and the community as a whole. There are some simple guidelines we ask you to follow above and beyond what is mentioned above:

  • NEW! If your program or initiative is funded by United Way, please use the words "Fueled By" above (and centered) with the UWEC logo when space permits. e.g.

Fueled By:

  • If you are including the United Way logo anywhere in your marketing to make a visual reference to the fact that you are a United Way program partner, please use the “United Way Community Partner” logo. This makes it more clear to your public that you are not run by United Way, but supported by United Way.

  • If using just the United Way logo, please be sure there is copy above or beside the logo that references what our partnership is (i.e. “Funded in part by”). Again, this is simply to make clear that you are an autonomous entity that we support, not an extension of United Way. We do not want to steal credit for what you do!

  • United Way should never be included as part of your organization's name, either in text or with graphic. United Way is an independent organization and incorporating the United Way name and/or logo as part of your logo or organization name would wrongly imply that you are a division of or otherwise operated by United Way.

 JPG 300 dpi | TIFF | EPS | PDF

For Print CMYK:

 JPG 300 dpi | PDF | EPS

JPG 300 dpi | PDF | EPS

For Screen RGB:

 JPG 300 dpi | PNG | EPS | GIF

JPG 300 dpi | PNG | EPS | GIF

Please use the following fonts in all materials:

  • Body Text - Roboto Regular

  • Headlines - League Gothic Regular

  • Sub headline- Roboto Bold

  • Substitute font - Arial

Color palette

The United Way color palette is comprised of colors used in the United Way logo. Below are the specifications for reproducing the United Way colors in a variety of ways.


United Way Blue

Pantone: 287
C: 100 M: 74 Y:0 K:0
R: 16 G:22 B:127

HEX: #005191

United Way Lt Blue  

Pantone: 659 or 287C at 52%
C: 55 M: 40 Y:0 K:0
R: 83 G:158 B:208

HEX: #539ED0

United Way Red

Pantone: 179
C: 0 M: 85 Y: 89 K:0
R: 254 G:35 B:10

HEX: #FF443B

United Way Gold

Pantone: 143
C: 0 M: 34 Y: 86 K:0
R: 255 G:150 B:0

HEX: #FFB351

Download a copy of the complete United Way Brand Guidelines
Questions? Need another file format or more information? Contact Joelyn Bush, Marketing & Communications Manager.