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Lend a Hand. Volunteers Make the Difference



Ask any non-profit what helps their organization to be successful and you will hear one word: Volunteers. Volunteers are at the heart of many nonprofits and businesses. These individuals selflessly give up their time, money and resources to help make your community a better place for everyone. This year national volunteer week is April 23th-29th

Show the volunteers in your organization how much you appreciate their dedication by incorporating some of these tips.

  1. Post appreciation event photos on your website.

  2. Send handwritten notes of appreciation. Not creative? In these days of email and texting and cell phones, handwritten notes, sent through the mail, are becoming increasingly rare. So when it happens, it’s noticed and appreciated

  3.  Host an event for the families of your volunteers. Try a picnic, a bowling party, hot air balloon rides, an ice cream social or some other fun-filled day.

  4. Say thanks with sweets. Gifford Medical Center’s (Randolph, VT), volunteers were honored with a luncheon served by hospital managers. Plus there were prize awards, musical performances, and flowers and bags of toffee made by the hospital’s professional chefs

To learn more tips on how to show your appreciation visit hereKnowing how to recruit volunteers can also be a challenge, use these tips when recruiting volunteers in your community.

If you would like to get involved in volunteer opportunities then visit Get Connected.