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Too many families in our region are forced to forgo one basic need over another - such as housing, healthcare, childcare or food - due to lack of income. According to some estimates, a typical family of four needs to earn as much as two and a half times the federal poverty level ($22,050) to be able to survive without any form of public and private assistance. In 2010, approximately 30,000 Erie County families were below this self-sufficiency benchmark.

United Way of Erie County’s Bold Challenge to the Community:
Reduce the number of families struggling to meet their basic needs by one-third before 2025.

We have embarked on a bold journey: one that links solid, research-based community strategies to the resources needed to implement them. By connecting families to the building blocks of economic stability - Education, Income, and Health - United Way and our partners will ensure people have the tools they need to thrive.

United Way’s work goes well beyond our historical role of funding strong nonprofit partners. Today we are mobilizing all our assets: funding, volunteers, legislative advocacy, technology, in-kind resources and corporate partnerships to deliver transformative, measurable results. Together we have the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of people across our region, generating a ripple effect of economic growth and stability.